Empire-online top 50 comic book characters


Well what do ya think about that list? waiting for all Deadpool fans to rant about being rank so low

Constantine should be a lot lower.

Doom should be a lot higher.

The main reason the list fails is because Norman Osborn isn’t on it.

I stopped reading it after I saw Spawn on the list.

Spider-Man at #5 below Wolverine? I blame OMD. :rofl:

Haha, open window, Spawn at #50, close window.

:lol: yep Spawn should be minus 50

They forgot Uncle Scrooge. Blasphemy I say, BLASPHEMY! :annoy: Carl Barks (RIP) and Don Rosa FTW. :tup:

deadpool is not #1. the list is invalid

hmm the tick was a tad low for my taste

and no Lobo at all? wow they were slippin

Number one.

lights pipe, adjusts fez

Yes, yes.

any list with maus in it is auto fail for me

death and dream in the top 15 is wankery

rorshach is too low

they put a picture of grendel prime for the Hunter Rose entry

venom? seriously?

I would have added: Virginia Applejack, Kevin Matchstick, Magnus Robot Fighter, The Crow

lol venom, dr strange, marv, hellboy, ironman, magneto, the thing, deena pilgrim, agent graves, emma frost, john constantine, spider-jerusalem, jenny sparks, saint of killers, jesse custer, apollo and midnighter shouldn’t even be on that goddamn list.

Also, for all the euro-fanboy stuff that list had, it didn’t have Marvelman?

I haven’t even seen it yet, but agreed.

Deadpool is the best thing since sliced chimichangas.

Why do you hate Maus so much? Give me the unabridged rant.

I guess they wanted some lesser known comics to get some accolades, but without The Crow, nothing from Top Cow, and nobody from Kabuki I don’t like this list.

Constantine and Dredd don’t deserve to be so high. Constantine still deserves a place on the list, and Dredd’s comics I thought sucked, but Stallone’s amazing performance as him would warrant a spot somewhere as well, but nowhere near the top ten. I’m glad sandman got a mention, but it doesn’t deserve two spots, when so many others are missing.

Oh and fuck spawn. He is iconic, but so are the flash and robin, and they didn’t make it. If it was just being iconic then this list would have just been a who’s who of marvel and DC characters, with maybe 4-5 others thrown in.

The Crow is self-indulgent dogshit, and Spawn is merely an attempt at iconography.

To be honest I found Maus to be a little boring myself and found it more entertaining to read books on concentration camps like Eli Weasel’s Night or One Day In the Live of Ivan Denisovich. I don’t hate Maus though but I don’t praise it as highly as others do I suppose. If it serves as a gateway for people to read other kinds of literature on the subject or more attention to horrors of the past, than so be it. For that alone it belongs somewhere on some list, maybe not a list for comic book characters though but one for greatest comics at the very least for it’s importance, something like that. I mean I found From Hell entertaining but I don’t think Jack the Ripper belongs on a 50 greatest comic book character list either…

I don’t know, lists are wierd… I think the only list that counts is the one you have in your head. Well that should be the only list that matters, to yourself anyway.

List sucks. Real talk.

#1 and #2 are legit (like anyone really thought it wouldn’t be them, in that order), but the rest of the list is trash.

I’m not a harsh credits on the list. But this list had some serious flaws.

I think because they were trying so hard to have lesser comic book characters on the list they really lost their priorities. I mean some of those rankings were outragous.