Ellllleeeectric snake!: The Pikachu Thread

I’ve got all of Pikachu’s damage right here.

I didn’t do the K.O’s yet, thats kinda hard to do, but this should help anyone playing Pika.

Following the same format I did for the Ice Climbers.


I didn’t do K.O’s for these, since they probably wont be doing any K.O’s for you.

Up B = 3% on the first hit 2% on the second.:
Couldn’t reproduce 3 teleports I don’t know what triggers this.
Pikachu’s best move due to quick attack canceling, mix that shit up!

Down B = Close = 17% Far = 10% :
This move can K.O very easily if your opponent is coming if from the air, since it launches pretty much straight up. Also if the opponent is touching you, it can K.O decently low to the side.

Side B = 7-25%:
Be forwarned if you are touching the opponent fully charge you will go straight through him with no damage, This move is also a great recovery since you don’t lose your jumps after it!

B = Close = 9% Far = 6%:
This is nice in the air since you can fast fall and chase it to the opponent.
If the opponent is touching you, it actually knocks back decently.

Smash Attacks:

Sadly, none of Pikachu’s smashes are really that great charged.

F+C Close = 20% : Far = 14%, 17% if the ball touches.:
Charge Close = 28% : Far = 23%:
This move is great for K.Oing, you can stutter it forward or backwards for some interesting effects.

U+C Close = 14% : Far = 13%:
Charge Close = 19% : Far = 18%
Pretty garbage move, don’t know what else to say, you are better off using down+C.

D+C Close = 15% : Far = 15 %:
Charged = 21% :
Probably Pikachu’s best ground move, it vacuums, it can K.O ,it can be comboed into it, it has great priority, it’s too fuckin beast, use it.


Pika lacks in the aerial K.O department, don’t expect much.

Aerial + Forward
J + Forward C Close = 12% : Far = 2% ?:
This move is also fucking beast, you can hit with it, then fast fall into the Down smash, great combo. This move requires a little attention, because it does some weird shit in the air, sometimes you’ll get less than 12 damage and sometimes you’ll get the finisher, which is at the very end of the move which has some K.O potential, this is easily his best Aerial.

Aerial + Up
J + Up C Close = 6% : Far = 5 %:
Terrible, terrible, terrible move, don’t use.

Aerial + Down
J + Down C Close = 12% : Far = 12 %:
If your opponent is on the ground you can head slam for an addition 4 percent and K.O potential, This move is also really great, you can do it off of the ground with UP+down C, you can combo into it from the F+Air, or UP+B “ground only”.

Aerial + Back
J + Back C Close = 11% :
Not that bad of a move, its can be guided, it gives you forward momentum, and has a little K.O potential, decent multi hitting aerial, to get max damage you need to be on your opponent the duration of the move, this is difficult.

Aerial + Neutral
J + A Close = 12% : Far = 12%:
Oddly enough, if you are on the opponent when you press A you may be able to K.O your opponent at a high percentage, I don’t know if this is that great yet.

Tilts and A:
All of Pikachu’s tilts have good priority, they just don’t have a punch to them.

Up Tilt
Up + A Close = 7 : Far = 5 %:
Pretty Garbage, seems like all of Pikachu’s up attacks blow.

Down Tilt
Down + A Close = 7% : Far = 7 %:
Pretty Fast , weird hit box, doesn’t seem too great though.

Forward Tilt
Forward + A Close = 9 : Far = 8 %:
Pretty good, gives a little reach.

Up Forward Tilt
Up+F + A Close = 10% : Far = 10%:
Seems like this Is his best tilt, does some decent damage and comes out fast.

Down Forward Tilt
Down+F + A Close = 8% : Far = 8%:
Seems pretty Decent.

Standing A Close = 2% : Far = 2%:
Sadly this might be better than his tilts, you can hold the button down for a long attack.
You have to shield to get out of this. This has a crazy disjointed hit box that reaches pretty far in front of him.

I guess I’ll just do a brief summary of his grabs really quick.

Up Grab = 10%
Down Grab = 10%
Back Grab = 9%

Now the best one, with some possibility

Forward Grab = 10%, You can semi chain grab with this, to make it his most worth while grab.

Alright, I’m down for now, let me know what you guys think, if there are any other Pikachu players out there, I have some combos and shit I want to explain and show, but It’s gonna have to wait for a little bit, i’ll do it in an hour or so.

too much time man, too much time.

and turn down your tv bajeezus.

Anyone have anything to add on Pika, seriously am I the only SRK Pikachu player?

for Pikachu (I do mess with him in casuals and have SINCE N64 smash) I’ve used TW (Thunda Wall) since N64 smash. Basically during a running jump in or out, Down B. and you get this massive annoying wall of lightening for your oppenant to deal with before they reach you.

In Melee, it wasn’t nearly as annoying as it can be in this game.

Don’t remember. But I THINK it stops projectiles. It doesn’t KO as well when you don’t let Pika get hit by it.

I always thought his Grab game was decent, seems (to me) his Air game got nerfed IMO.

I guess I barely started to break the surface on Pikachu’s quick attack, heres something awesome.

It’s called quick attack canceling.

The thread.

I want to hear the combos! I have the same one you mentioned, the forward air into downsmash.

Edit – His neutral Air is super quick, but doenst have much priority. But as stated, can kill at higher percentages if hit with it correctly.

I play Pikachu. Down-Smash is great cause it launches them into the air for a quick Thunder. B Projectiles are great and spamable.

I haven’t been on much, my roommates are moving and now I have to find a new place, but when I do I will gladly be on to play you guys with pikachu.

Remember to practice dat quick attack.

Once I get a Wii this month and can actually start PRACTICING besides the few times I get to play with friends, I’ll be able to help contribute to this thread.

Honestly I prefer the up throw, because it also can go into his thunder unless they air dodge, which gives you plenty of time to jump up and do any air attack to them.

Quick Attack cancelling looks interesting, I’ll have to try it out, and does Pikachu have any pivot dash cancels?

can pika do some of his classic ssb64 combos like spam utilt into uair? or like if usmash gets them high enough you can thunder them for auto death even w/ DI. I don’t have a wii so I can’t test atm but can someone confirm?

From what I’ve tested, if you throw upwards and thunder immediately they can DI or air dodge out of it, so I’ll assume usmash does the same.

i absolutely love pikachu’s Usmash, it kills lightweights at around 100%, and his downgrabs and forward grabs can chaingrab some heavyweights/fastfallers, and you can always downgrab into an Usmash, or Fgrab into a dashing Usmash, though it can be dodged, but if you think they;re going to jump, just follow them with a jumping Nair, which also kills at around 100% at the edgeish. his Uair and Utilt are useful, especially since the you can Utilt into a thunder if they don’t DI, or chain Utilts into Uairs since it somewhat spikes them(diagonally, depending on how you hit) and it comes out pretty fast. you want to use all of pikachu’s moves since the only way he can reset them(stale moves) is either by grab hits, or camping with neutral Bs. and heres some info on autocanceling moves(making it so you don’t have lag when you land, you have to start the attack right when you jump)
Fair-short hop(no FF)
Nair- short hop(no FF)
Bair- full hop(no FF) good for when someones on the edge and you know their going to jump)
Dair-Full hop(no FF) no more shockwave hit though, since he doesn’t slam into the ground

I play Pikachu. I mained him in Brothers, in Melee, and now in Brawl. I don’t really have anything to add except neutral Air+A is an fun spacer as a jump in. It negates alot of projectiles, with potential multi hit.

Pikachu is really good in Brawl.

And as stated earlier: Pikachu’s grab game is good. He/she doesn’t have great grab range, but grabbing opponents is a big component on beating certain characters.

dude experienced players can get there way out of pikachu’s down B. Seen it plenty of times, be careful.