Elena's chain

Ok the only one I know of is s.fp to s.fk so if anyone knows anymore please post.

Forward, low fierce
Jumping jab, forward
Jumping strong, fierce

can any of these be combed into anything

Neither of the ground chains can (though forward, low fierce is a good set-up for Healing). The air chains act like basic jump-ins, with the strong, fierce being easier to combo off of because of the longer hit stun of the fierce (compared to the forward).

also what is her best kara is torward+forward


better than toward+strong?

toward+strong hardly moves you forward. It feels easier, using strong instead of forward, but you won’t get significant range.

What about standing close fierce, standing close roundhouse. Yet the timing on these hits seem pretty lousy

For whoever care, I was trying Elena vs Ryu on DC (training mode) and I was able to do the following ONLY ONE TIME:

MK > uppercut.HK

I think it was an MK, but it is so strange that I was able to pull it only once. I am 100% sure is that her kick was in the air before i cancel into a uppercut.HK. I tried to pull that chain at least 20 more times, and nothing came close. Maybe I got lucky or something weird happen on my DC… dunno.

Her jumping MP,HP is really useful…
I often hit my opponents with this 2 hit combo as soon as I see them jumping towards me from a distance…
Some people does’nt expect two hit attacks from the air that’s why they only parry the first part, But try to not use it very frequent coz ur opponent would ditch you.