So I want to get good with Elena on Street Fighter x Tekken. But idk how to start, any tips?

My bad…thought you were preparing for the update coming to ssf4.

SfIII like Geese said. A good variety of trials and a really rewarding character to become fluent with. Tough online community on sfIII though.

Why would you recommend for him to play SF3 to get good at SFxT?

I play SFIII to improve my SFIV game…like I said the trials are more comprehensive. He’s looking for a starting point after all.

Yeah I read it wrong…my bad.

I will complain that the SFxT Wiki needs a proper update until the end of time. Anyway, Elena is one of (likely) few characters in the sub-forum to get a complete and comprehensive guide that is v.2013 friendly.

Read that like the Bible. Should get you building a solid base for Elena in no time. Be sure to thank Gamakai on your way there.