Electronic Arts/Aorn's Rabbit

It seems to me that there are a lot of obscure fighting game fans on these boards but I have not really seen anything in regards to EA/Aorn’s Rabbit posted. So I thought I would start a discussion:

This game recently has caught my attention and I really enjoy the feeling and gameplay of this title. However, a large part of why this game is probably not talked about is that it has not had a proper emulation (there are some frame rate and sound issues) and the Sega Saturn port is re-sprited and does not seem feature nearly as nice animation. Just when I thought a had exposure to virtually all obscure fighters worth mentioning, it seems this game deserves at the very least some forum attention. The character design is more American cartoon influenced then most fighters and has a really unique cast. The engine is nothing spectacular but I can’t figure out if this game faded into obscurity because of lackluster gameplay, zero exposure or just could not stand – up to the popular stronghold of Capcom at the time.

From the very little I played and read it seems like this game was actually quite good. Rabbit does have a great colour palette and does boast some really great backgrounds. The sprite work is well done and animates nicely. It seems to me that no game aesthetically captures this kind of feeling. Except for maybe Skullgirls, but I highly doubt they cited Rabbit as an influence. The roster is only eight strong but offers some nice variety. The Gameplay has animals/stance feature that can kind of be used similar to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.The game aslo has a counter parry system. I did not really get to try fully to go into specifics.


Fighting Gems has an episode giving a limited insight on the way the game is played and it’s features but the best video I could find on the game:


Here is one with audio (Sega Saturn Version):


How the audio differs from the arcade is beyond me.

and finally a video showing off each characters move. It really gives an idea how this game moves and feels:


It’s a shame that there is no proper MAME emulation for this game and even more of a bummer that there is not a decent port on Sega Saturn. It may be the only time we ever see a game like this come from EA. Who knows though time will tell I guess. What do you guys think?

I like what I see. That game has some really nice sprites, especially for Hogan. The only real problem I have with the graphics is that the cartoon animals and humans have different visual styles, but that might be an intentional quirk.

Oh yeah, one more problem: Eddy is the ugliest person I’ve seen in any fighting game. Ever.

It came out in 1997 in an already crowded market, if it wasn’t by SNK or by Capcom, then it had an uphill battle in arcades.

That said, the animal/spirit system looks interesting, like being able to play Jojo’s where you can switch stands in mid match.

I wonder if you can switch between different beasts or something? Looks like all the beasts are at the bottom.

For sure. He’s up there with Mr. Heart from HnK and Earthquake from Samurai Shodown, lol.

I saw the woman with the tags circling her use the Peccary super, so it looks like you have some limited ability to do that.

Haha. I quite enjoy Eddy. I think he is rather funny. He almost looks like a character left on the cutting room floor from a Toe Jam and Earl game. This game has some cool and unique designs. The stances almost have a very stereotypical americana cartoon vibe, something akin to breakfast cereal mascots or classic Chuck Jones.

There is very little information about this title anywhere and it’s a shame just for fighting game preservationists that this game has not been emulated perfectly. I agree with you d3v on the 1997 market. A particular high point for fighting games and an interesting sea change for the genre. Upon further inspection the game seems to have many layers to it. But without a proper emulation or port, how could a fan base grow? Most people never even knew this game existed. Kinda like Martial Masters.

Yeah, this game looks really unique. It’s been a long time, but does EA still hold any rights to this? If so they could re-release it or something.

That’s a good question. I think this may be Aorn’s first and last project. Perhaps the rights were buried with the death of their company. EA as we all know is still running strong, but with barely a shred of support prior to this release and barely any information on this game chances are we probably will never see this game ever again. Such a shame.

Looks pretty cool.

I don’t think EA would re-release this though.

ok so you’re making threads about this.
can’t take you seriously about 3S. woops.

you’re a fighting game connoisseur ok. ???

are you knowledgeable enough about jojo’s to make comments relating to it? i dunno.

jedpossum should pop in here.

is it honestly a bummer there is no mame support? who were you going to play with? what community were you going to create single handedly?
interesting. yes definitely. the sprite work is cool, the whole thing is cool but be serious.

look ive played tribes since STARSIEGE: TRIBES. and that game is still forgotten. until some reviewer trots it out and mentions that it created the concept of large outdoor environment and customizable loadouts. but same idea. forgotten. why? because it doesn’t appeal to the times in any notable way.

I’ve played thois a bit. really nice game like the others, but as others had said. It came out at bad time.


What are you fucking talking about? Sorry, I guess appreciating a game for other than 3S is a sin Tebbo? It’s a bummer there is no full working emulation because I like to play these games with my friends. I look at these past efforts as art forms. Just like some of us can appreciate bands that are not the Beatles. You called me out on on VS in another thread just to find out I play it weekly and now you question if I have any background knowledge on Jojo’s? So this game appeals to me the same way Starsiege: Tribes did to you. Just because a game is forgotten does not make it insignificant.

i was kidding about 3S
and about jojos since jedpossum is a freak about that game.

but really nothing other than the spritework screams special about this game. it’s just one of thousands of games that was forgotten by the majority of people.
and no its not like tribes is for me. i’ve been playing tribes since it came out, and also played starsiege. through all the games while still playing original. this just seems like a fun little novelty you found and wanted to share. but nothing about it seems that incredible.

That doesn’t mean you get to shit on people’s threads if they make one for it.

Early/late tier list: Chick with talismans>all.

Imaging COTA Storm or XMVS Magneto in Darkstalkers. She’s that but MUCH worse when she uses her native animal spirit.

I’m quite certain that the devs had no clue how to balance this ridiculous mobility out. Her combo and mix up potential is through the fucking roof.

I’ll hopefully be able to make a vid to showcase this one day.

I’m interested in seeing what the game looks like at high level.

Is there anyway to play the arcade version outside of the actual board?

I dunno, her animal spirit not only meter to activate but if correct she losses regular jump for instant flight mode. While this gives her some really scary high lows, at same time she expose her self. also high and lows are not much with parry that both high and low.