Elder scrolls 5 Skyrim no sound help - pc

AMD Turion(tm ) II Dual-Core Processor 2. 40
4 Gigs of RAM
ATI High Definition Audio Device
Game won’t play with any sound, tried updating
sound drivers and searched online to no avail.
Any help please?

This is a little out of the area SRK TT deals with but I will try what I can with the information you provided. You also get more attention if you said Skyrim or Elder Scrolls v Skyrim mainly because your game is more recognizable. Not everyone can remember what chapter of the series Morrowwind, Oblivion or Skurim is

What OS are you running? Don’t just say Windows because Win XP runs drivers differently than Vista and Win 7. And there are minor differences in handling resources in both Vista and Win 7. What version of the OS you are running 32-bit or 64 bit?
Is the sound errors only in Skyrim or on your PC in general?
Did you try the in-game settings?

You need to be more descriptive about your problem.

You can also try these links

http://support.bethsoft.com/eng/products.asp (Official Skyrim support form Bethesda Software)

is it only skyrim?

try turning your sound options to HD audio?

skyrim isn’t coded well for pc :frowning:
especially sli

I’m on Windows 7 64 bit. When I boot the game I can hear the “Bethesda Softworks” logo noise, but after that nothing. This doesn’t happen for any other game or audio file I have on my laptop. I’ve turned the volume up all the way in game, on mixer, and tried using headphones and a HDMI on my TV. Nothing works.

try turning your sound options to HD audio?

I’ve tried that plus multiple of the other audio bits.

Yes, this only happens on Skyrim. Checking the links now. Thanks.

what settings are you playing on?
the game itself is already a CPU bottleneck.

i have to play the game on medium graphics settings.
on high it lags, on ultra it runs at like 2fps.
again, the PC version is poorly coded atm.

I am having the same issue; game worked fine for several days, then suddenly today, no sound in the game (although the Bethesda intro has the sound).
Drivers are current (and again, the game worked fine for several days)

I think I am going for the PS3 version as my hardware is already kinda exotic in terms of configuration

I tried default, ultra, and low. all no sound. windowed and fullscreen. to clarify the beginning horse ride is supposed to have sound correct?

may seem like a dumb question, but you applied the patch right?

Not really. There are certain cards/drivers/set ups that are having problems with it, but to say it’s a PC bottleneck isn’t really correct. The required specs are hardly cutting edge. The biggest offenders seem to be people with Dual Card ATI setups running at higher that 1900x1080, which oddly affects the highend market more than mid range. My rig is solidly mid and it runs like a dream at 1900x1080 with everything cranked.


ATI Radeon HD 6950 1GB
Win 7 64

The problems certain setups are having with it aren’t particularly unusual for a PC game. It just happens sometimes.

I should also say, although I’m definitely glad I picked it up on PC over console, it is also destroying my life.

I never heard of any patch, do I download it or did it come with the game?

there’s been a lot of tests, and i already know that SLI/xfire causes some issues.
i also usually assume new games are buggy for nvidia users =P
i’ve run the game on single GPU and SLI.

my gf has a similar build to mines, except she runs a radeon, and her game runs on ultra @60fps.
we both built our rigs around the same time.

however, the game itself doesn’t run on more than 2 cores effectively.
never goes above 50%, unless i set affinities to 2 core. they both get 100%, but frame rate stays the same.
set to 3, and its 60% across the board.
yet, the sandy bridges run a lot better from what i’ve gathered.

it’s just a poorly coded gamebryo engine, nothing too new from Oblivion series, and it’s not a personal attack or anything on them. the water glitches still remain, and it’s been around since 4. and everyone knows its attributed to bad SLI coding and is still unfixed.

OP, did you get the patch around nov. 11?
should be like 1.1

I never did a manually patch… Going to download it and try the patch. Will edit post.

I got the same problem as you. Bought the game, but there is no sound…
and what update is you talking about? did this solve your problem Veikuri?
Please reply to me for solutions, so annoyed atm :frowning:

I have all current drivers, de-installed and re-installed game, fully patched (Steam updated), but still no sound in game.
As I said, did not have this problem at first, game played fine. Then presto, no sound in game. Very annoying. No other applications are affected, other games play fine.

Where is this patch? I’m having the same problem to ( I got windows 7 64 bit aswell )

Just so you know. I had the same problem with no sound and my problem has been solved. This is what I did. First, I updated my sound driver, uninstalled Skyrim, deleted all studio.net drivers in control panel that were previous installed by Skyrim, installed direct X directly from Microsoft website here http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=35, reinstalled Skyrim, and sound finally came up working. This works with or without patch 1.1 installed(doesn’t matter either way). Hope this helps .

Woohoooo! It works! thanks so much :smiley:

hay dude i dont now if u got your problume fixed or not but i had the same problume but i got it fixed
just follow this video it really worked for me