ELAC's "We got 'dat MUGEN" tourney; East LA, CA; 5/17; 3s, MvC2

1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez Ave.
Monterey Park, CA 91754
the highlighted building is where G6-112 is in, and the circled area is the parking lot, although you may want to just park somewhere else as well to avoid paying for a pass.

1PM Signups and 2PM tournament starting times. Late entries should contact me in advance and should arrive before the winners or losers brackets start. (sounds about right?)

Games: 3s, MvC2, no need to explain the rules by now. Both console.

etc: As always, any help with equipment and setups will largely be appreciated. And we’ll most likely be having more frequent tournaments, in which case, we’ll just use this same thread for the rest of the spring semester.

Interested 3s players: Reset, DVD, shoo, gootecks, JGD CHAOS, xsonicc, Sanchez, DVD Jr., Sucker for Death, Ken I
Interested MvC2 players: Reset, thekidfromLBC, lovepig78, Mike Ross, Sp33dRac3r, KillerKai, jphresh, Tingboy, Plates, jinabuser, taiji, msp4Life, Khaos, Dexterous

Top 8 for both 3s and Marvel will be recorded. Direct Feed for both.

If anybody could bring a DC or PS2, tell me. I’m not sure how many setups we have. But I know we’ll have enough TVs. I’ve confirmed two setups for ps2s and two setups for DCs, but more would be nice, whether for casuals or whatever.

hows the comp in XI at this place ? … maybe I can go there sometime to check it out but I wanna know if its worthy to spend my gas to go there.

How far is this place from Van Nuys? If its far I know I won’t be able to go :slight_smile:

If the comp is good, ill compete. ill be going for 3s

I think you’re misunderstanding the first post.
What other times do you plan on showing up?

ELAC = East Los Angeles College

Google Maps

also DVD

add this to the first post so people can get directions


once again, late participants will be DQed from their first match if their match is called and they’re not there. Grow a pair DVD. It’s bullshit that I show up half an hour early and have to wait 3 to start my match because my oppenent decided to show up 2 1/2 hours late.

I’ll try to take a TV but I don’t have a ps2 or a game anymore, so yeah. I’ll PM you my number and hope to hear from you in regard to whether or not I’ll be able to take my TV. I have a big ass TV, and I have a regular 26" one. I have two little 19-20" ones too, but I don’t think anyone’s going to want those, because I’d have to use the other cable. The one that doesn’t have three colors instead one long black one. I have two of those but don’t know if people would complain.

Just let me know.

let akuma be legal in 3s and, swap kof(:rolleyes:) for marvel while you’re at it too.

I think he meant Akuma banned in sfae

I’m interested in KoFXI

im not

at work right now. woo.

you still running this on a 12" tv with no sound?? if you actually get a few good set-ups im sure people would come. its in the middle of everyone so location is decent at least.

Well, this time, Lenin will be bringing 3 TVs, two 19" and one 26". Also, the sound issue has been fixed for sure. We’ll probably have the minimum 6 TVs, but a few would be 12" (maybe 3?). The only TVs I can bring are 12"s, sadly.

If there is a kof XI tourney, will it be on console using a crappy 12" tv ? or in an arcade cab ?

It’s gonna be on console, but we should have at least 5 good sized TVs this time around, because Lenin’s bringing 3 good ones and we have 2 ourselves. The 12" have been last resorts that we, sadly, have always had to resort to.

I’m very interested myself in XI. I may be able to bring a system and game.

Okay, after yesterday’s tournament, I think it’s safe to assume we’ll have good TVs for all the games, and a 12" or two for me to play a game that nobody else plays, like GGAC while I’m bored. And it’s also safe to say that we’ll be running XI. Thanks for the input.

Please check the first post for info on the April 19th tournament.

I’m a bit confused.

There was a post on another thread

“Hey guys, I’m gonna be running a tourney for SFAE on April 5th, a saturday. Info is here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=152190
Hope you guys can make it.”

Is that one still on?

Yeah, it’s just that we’re having more frequent tournaments at the same place, so I’d like to have one thread for all of them; but we’re having different games every other week. So for sure, on April 5th, we will have SFAE, 3s, and KOFXI and then it’ll be three other games two weeks after on April 19th.

Quick question, is XI going to be set to arcade or arrange mode?

Arcade. I don’t think anyone plays on Arrange mode. Please post up and notify your friends! I want to see some hot SFAE and KOFXI action! no homo