ELAC Winter Session Tourny; Jan 26; East LA, California; GGXXAC, SSBM, MvC2, 3s

Same deal as last time, when we had a shit turnout. Our blog is still at http://gaknews.blogspot.com. This time around, we’re going to be running GGXXAC, SSBM, MvC2, and 3s.
Details are iffy right now, but it’s still a console tournament (as always), players should bring their own sticks, and signups should start at 12 and the tourny at 1. I’ll write in more details later.
ELAC is at:
1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez Ave.
Monterey Park, CA 91754


ill be there

I’m there for gg n mahvel, make that money son! part two!

someone will get perfected!

are you gonna have ps2 marvel again?

we had dc marvel last time and we will this time too :tup:

I’ll be there.

im in for gg and mahvel.
illbe taking my gg stick but not hsarin. maybe w. plates… so he can clap dvd lol

ill be at this tourney for mahvel cant wait to beat someone… :lol: jp… sure hope i dont get raped :sweat: where on campus is this tourney gonna be held at? and are we allowed to play pad or does it strictly have to be stick??if so are we still suppose to bring our own or will we be provided with a pad?

We should have pads. Just not sticks. The tourny will be held in E3-114. There should be maps of elac leading you to E3 (and subsequently, 114).

I’m in for GG, and 3S.


how many ppl were at the last tourney held there? so i can use a pad thats available correct??

the tourney was bring you own stick last time. pads were provided.

What is the entry fee for 3s? Also, is it on PS2?

wats the entry fee for mahvel?

Entry fee for all the games will be $2 each, but I’m considering raising it to $3 so that the pot will be slightly bigger and that cheap bastards will still play. And if you enter any tournaments, just throw in one dollar as a donation to the club (it really doesn’t add up to much =).
As for the amount of people present last time, it was about 20 people or so, but only SSBM got enough players for a tournament. Hopefully, since there’s more notice this time and it’s on a saturday, more people will come. I’m assuming you guys want the games to be $5 instead? I’ll consider that, based on feedback from cheap bastards who go to the school, but would a $2 or $3 tournament still be acceptable?

Edit: Oh yes, an important point: can anyone possibly bring TVs to help out? The TV is too stingy to let us borrow TVs. So there’s a possibility that we may only have like 2-3 TVs.

Edit again: 3s = PS2, Marvel = DC, GGXXAC = PS2, SSBM = Gamecube.

Why not? I should bring some Southtown peeps with me for 3S.

< Cheap bastard.

I’ll enter two games though.

So far, it seems like there’s a better chance that 3S might run this time.

do u have a headcount on how many marvel players are going so far?

Illan_3rd: No headcount yet, sorry.

Update: After talking to gootecks, I think it’s safe to say that both Marvel and 3s should (and will) be changed to $5 entry each. Now the question lies in whether or not the same should go for GGXXAC and SSBM. (Support the cheap bastard cause, GG and SSBM players!)

so u have to pay to enter each game? or is it $5 to enter as many games as u want?