ELAC March 22nd Tournament: MvC2, CvS2

Basically, we only ran these two games because GG only had people who played each other all the time, and that’s no fun for them, so they decided to not have a tournament. I’ll just post the top placers for MvC2 and the top 2 for CvS2, since we had so little entrants CvS2 became round robin.


  1. Khaos
  2. Smooth Assassin
  3. Sp33d Racer


  1. Sir Phobos
  2. R | C

I should hold another tourney for both these games in a month, any suggestions for a third game other than 3s, SFAE, or KOFXI?


good shat phobozzle

Good games to everyone I played in casuals an in the tourny, especially khaos, had a lot of close games, Ima work on my blocking and next time hopefully I dont get rushed down so easily. It was nice meeting everyone, and hopefully I can make it to the next tourny and take a few of my fello san diego marvel players to make it a little more interesting.

Thanks guys! GGs to everybody I played. R | C, our match was pretty close! If there’s a bigger turnout and more setups at the next ELAC CVS2 tourney, we should definitely play a few casual games.

GGs to everyone who compete…
Def. Should bring some friends Smooth to tense up the casuals and tourny for Marvel…
See all of you again next time…

fuckin good shit phobobulus

Haha, thanks Matt! If you’re going to Evo this year, we should either play some CVS2 or just go around and make sidebets on random matches.

oh shit, good job phobos!!!

Ryan! What’s good, mang? Evo is gonna be too serious. If you’re going, I’ll find your 3S pool and get mad hype during your matches.

i’m gonna clothesline this guy!


Good job to Khaos and R I C.

magnus: You better make it out to the next one, I want to see Khaos vs magnus. That and some of 'dat Mahvel hype!

I certainly had fun playing marvel with you guys. Even though I got handled most of the games. Do you guys ever get up outside of tournaments and play casuals? If so, I’m pretty much always down.

I’ll try! I forgot about this one, and plans had already come up by the time I found out.