El patriarca 2 / palavikyubi - The biggest shit talker and rage quitter I've met yet. Agree?

Not only does this guy play lag tactics and abuses the cheapness of Akuma , but he also rage quits when u beat him. I have multiple friends that have had him rage quit than talk shit about you in messages to no end. The guy really needs to stfu or gtfo of ST forever.

Winners are often worse than losers in my experience. Either way, I don’t know that guy so I can’t say, but Xx_JayTheGod_xX on PSN HDR is a bitch, among the worst.

Yeah, he really is a miserable little troll. Probably mentally ill. I just ignore him and keep playing, occasionally having a laugh at his ridiculous messages. No sense in letting someone like that get you worked up.

Everybody’s an e-thug or a troll online. Ignore the hate and move on.

well all in all its guys like this that make me put down the fight stick and play hours later when he isnt online hahaha. fucking trolls. hes worse than UFC GYM on 3rd strike online edition.

Got two bad ones today in SF4. “urjusgimmicks” freaked out after I beat him (Ranked 1,100 Dhalsim) and “diescrubsdie” (Ranked 38 Rufus). Anyone ranked goes nuts even if it’s just close or something. Hate sore winners…sore losers I understand, but c’mon…

He’s scum. I’ve put him in his place plenty of times. Ignore him. If he keeps bugging you throw me in his direction.


yeah man for sure hahaha. u bodied me many times in the past so im sure u dont have much trouble with that douche. i subbed to your channel on youtube by the way bro.

put him on ignore and make use of his vega and ken in classic mode

Hey urjusgimmicks messaged me like crazy too and would not stop he even said he was friends with evo players from Japan that were in top 8 like really, he must be imagining things

^ I hate outlandish shit people say.

“Daigo is my cousin!”

No u wish to be diagos lover!

urjusgimmicks continues to entertain! Thanks for leaving this thread up so I can understand that my back and forth stage play via PSN messaging wasn’t out of nowhere.

Cyber bullying at its finest!

At first, he thought he was only being an annoying little turd towards me but by reading all of your comments, hes just an annoying idiot, period!

I thought! Is what I meant to say.

edit - meh

Akuma player. What do you expect?

Make sure to File Complaint for each offense