El Paso Ranbats

Where: Game Vault at 9828 Montana Ave n, El Paso, TX 79925

When: Friday Nights starting at 9.

Price: 5 dollars.

Prize: Starting Pot TBD + Weekly additions

Ranbat Season: June 2nd - July 28th

Welcome to the first RanBats in El Paso! What’s a ranbat? Short for ranking battle, every tournament you get points, end of season the top 6 play for a pot that grows on a weekly basis. Top 2 get a bye, top 4 plays, double elimination.

How is the 5 dollar split? 3 dollars goes to the weekly tournament pot, 2 is venue fee. Part of the venue fee will go towards the prize pool.

Why starting at 9? After the last biweeklies, it seems that 9 is just a good starting time for the scene. That also gives us 2 hours of casuals for all games before they get started.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply.

Points distribution:
16+ entrants
1st – 8pts
2nd – 7pts
3rd – 6pts
4th – 5pts
5th – 3pts
7th – 1pt

9-15 entrants
1st – 6pts
2nd – 5pts
3rd – 3pts
4th – 1pt

8 or fewer entrants
1st – 5pts
2nd – 3pts
3rd – 1pt