El Fuerte players around EU?

I know Dawgtanian and Ferdi Guler on XBL. I don’t think they like playing mirror matches though.

hey i’m looking for some EL players in EU wich i can sparr with, i’m not actually good
but i keep training hard on fuerte because i thing he is very cool, his inf(i can do only a 2 hit lol) and his ultra are very good weapons online and on casuals :))
but my question is, how many good EL gamer do we have in the EU?
i know brianz, i never fought against such a good el are there any other european player on his level?

sh1nd and some other german player told me about you,
everyone in germany talks about the uk players and of course about your fuerte :wink:
and with EL mirrors your right but i think thats a good training to increas your reaction on some moves

Hey dude,

Yeah unfortunately Brainz knows me well lol. I’m not a big fan of the El Fuerte mirror match up. I don’t reccomend playing Fuerte vs Fuerte if you are looking to improve as 99% of your matches are not going to be against him.

I would spend my time practicing landing his tortilla propella move on wake up so that it is 100% safe. I think this is in some ways more crucial than his RSF as Fuerte really lacks safe moves.

PS did you go to Maxx Damagermany in Frankfurt this weekend? I was there :slight_smile: