EJM Stick: 2 More!

The first one is for board member OUTKAST. This is a new design, that is 8.5" x 11". The box is a new shape as well, the wood is cut to angles and then routered on top for a differemt look. I really like the routered angles. Also I keep getting asked for pics of the insides and I always forget to include them, so to fix this I made the bottom out of plexi. This way you can see into the bottom of the stick. I also did all the wiring in red to keep with the theme of the stick. :tup:

The second stick is for me! I really liked the look of the box so much that I cut one out for myself. It is the TOKI stick. This one is all korean parts. I have a Fanta joystick and Crown pushbuttons. It is 1/2 an inch taller than the Outkast one, now that I look back I think I didn’t need that 1/2, the same size as the Outkast stick would have done, which is about 2" tall. Again it has the see through bottom and I also the chord mounting that THEREALNEOGEO showed us a while back.

The korean sticks are wave dashing machines, so for all you tekken heads or DP attics this is the stick for you. :tup: And now that I have played more on the buttons, I think they are on par with sanwa’s. Very nice control all around.

Really nice work EJM. Those look slick.

those look AWESOME. O_O good job with the paint, man!

That Bender stick is damn sexay! :tup:

fantastic sticks!

i like the idea of plexi for the base too. great to see youre immaculate wiring job.

thumbs up! :tup:

Very nice work, those insides are amazing man and the outside is even better ^_^. I see you use “my” cablemethod when you make a hole and saw a sprint in it, very nice (better this way huh?).

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen new sticks in SRK cause of evo.

Good stuff man! Pretty neat wiring too. I noticed you bent the prongs of the Sanwa buttons to make it more compact.

Seems like you used beams in a nifty way to reduce routing out the bottom. The routered angles look really comfortable. Makes me wanna try out that stick…

Goddamn, thats a sexy stick!!! :clap:

I really like using the beams, they add a lot more stability and strength to the box.

Your method is very nice nice. And a lot less work.

And everyone else thanks for complements.

BTW in one of the shots for the OUTKAST stick you can see my Happ Beater stick. This is the stick people get when they like to button smash or don’t treat my other sticks too kindly. In case anyone wants to know I used the plans for Kevins badass arcade stick. :clap:

No more kind words from anyone? These sticks are great people! Please write in the thread and say what you think, it feels good for the stickmaker (EJM) that all his effort has not been wasted (I know how you feel EJM ^_^).
Keep that up and all hell will brake loose :smiley: (in a good way)!

very nice very nice. Shit i feel like a spastic looking at the insides of my sticks, i got superglue and all sorts in there.

bender artwork is cool.

Nice Steve :wow: I like the new plexi on bottom design!

Great job dude they look awsom looking at making my own sticks soon and the job you have done with the beams is great :smiley:

from the pics dosnt look like you did a lot of routing for the stick and buttons? was there much routing involved and how thick was the top peice :slight_smile:

The routering was involved on the outside and then on the inside to make the sanwa stick fit. The board I used is .25" hardboard. It is very strong for being that thin and then it get re-enforced by the beams and the plexi.

nice job


EJM’s sticks rock. Makes Tekken and soul calibur 20X more fun. Look at this man’s work@@@, dammit look!!!

thx again.


B E N D E R beeeender
give me a B E N DDDDDDDDD

but anyways, good shit, that thing is sexy.

OUTKAST: I’m really glad you like your stick and thanks for the props. :tup:

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where did you get those fanta sticks im kinda interested do they have a website or something.

No website that I know of.

If you want some Korean parts talk to the man above.
(That would be LAUGH :tup: )

Laugh, thanks for the complements. I hope that I can do a few more K-sticks once I get some free time.