Eighty Sixed - Official Merch for the FGC!

So some of you guys might have heard of Eighty Sixed. For those of you that haven’t, I started this project a few years ago with the help and advice from SRK. Now it has come full circle and wanted to share that we are growing faster than ever thanks to you guys!

All of the merch at Eighty Sixed is officially licensed… that means no bootleg products or flying under the radar. We work closely with the marketing teams at Capcom, Lab Zero, Arksys, Microsoft as well as some other developers in the works. We are launching our newest SFV shirt at Evo!

I just wanted to thank you guys at SRK (especally at TO since I was one of the original mods of this sub) for the support and love I got for the past 10+ years.

Here is the link to my store just in case some of you want to check it out.

Any requests or feedback is appreciated!

I’ve played skullgirls for probably less than 4 hours and I’m so tempted to buy those shirts they look amazing.

Thank you :slight_smile: