[EGP] Pokkén Tournament (4/30) - Monthly


Next Event Date: Saturday, April 30th, 2016

Pokkén Tournament
Pokémon Omega Red/Alpha Sapphire

Ooomba Tournament Center
24155 Laguna Hills Mall #1521
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Directions: Map to Venue
Just South of the 5 Freeway between El Torro Rd and Los Alisos Blvd
Plenty of free parking and lots of places to eat


2:00pm - Registration Begins
2:45pm - ORAS Registration Ends
3:00pm - ORAS Tournament Begins
5:45pm - Pokkén Registration Ends
6:00pm - Pokkén Tournament Begins

Registration: On site, at the door (see schedule). To help expedite the registration process of ORAS you may download a registration form HERE.

Entry Fee: $5 venue fee, $5 cash prize pool per game ($10 for 1 game or $15 for both)

Payout: Top 3 (50%/30%/20% split of prize pool)

Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/EpicGP

Pokkén Rules: Best of 3, Double Elimination, Bring your own controller.

ORAS Rules/Format: VGC 2016 Standard Doubles, Age Modified Swiss, Best of 3 matches. Full rules can be found here.

You must have or receive a Player ID to compete in official Pokémon Tournaments. If you do not have one, follow these directions to obtain one (free):

Sign up for an account at Pokemon.com making sure you select the correct country and birthdate (or log in if you already have an account for Global Link)
Click Play! Pokémon Settings on the sidebar after logging in
Enter a Screen Name you’d like to use along with your first and last name
Click "Assign me a New Player ID"
Accept the Terms & Conditions and click Submit

Victory Road 3 Results: Thank you to everyone who came out to support their scene. We had a lot of talent in the room with the Fighting Gamers at UCI crew in attendance along with some very successful VGC players. Huge thank you to Oomba for taking such good care of us and providing a great venue.


  1. BaloneyOs
  2. Xiei
  3. Shingin
  4. Pacey
  5. 24 Carrot
  6. The Biter
  7. Keaton Kid
  8. Adlis


  1. Cyrus
  2. Haley
  3. Red
  4. RavenVGC
  5. Fausto
  6. 24 Carrot
  7. Andrew
  8. Max Lanctot