EFZ 4.02 Tier list?

I got this game Eternal Fighters Zero v4.02. its pretty fun even though its pretty random >> anyone know the tiers for this game?

How is EFZ random?

I LOLed upon seeing the title of this topic, and I LOL again while reading it.

S tier

A tier

B tier
everyone else because if their not broken or have a spear they suck.

kanno is like justice with super powers… turned into a girl.

well its random to me cause i dont speak japanese and a girl beating the crap out of people while shes sleeping and another using happy crappy fairy wand and another doing rugal’s super is random to me o.O

Kano, Makoto, Mayu


Don’t ask me about 4.02. Its relatively recent (end of last year). All three top characters have been toned down. There is no ‘easy character to win with’ in the game. The game has very good balance and the top characters in 3.xx require some non-obvious shenanigans (except maybe Mayu).

There is already a thread for this game.

Thread close please.