EF-12: Your polygon MUGEN dreams comes true


Don’t know why nobody posted this before, it was released like a week ago and has already an overseas community: EF-12, a new fighting game engine but with polygons/3D.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsDNsmILyTg

Looks pretty solid, if someone wants to give it a try…

It’s pay what you want. So donate if you have the cash. DONATE.
And yes those initials on the test characters name what they’re based on.

Incoming Rare Devil Jin character and Omega Forest Whitaker.

I need to setup a better control layout. I might of found an infinite with VF-Kurama.

Fuck I was gonna post this… lol but anyway, I feel like this has lots of potential. I can see this being a Mugen killer. A 3D mugen without all the bullshit (so far)? Sign me up.

To help with configuring your pad or stick

G = 3
P = 1
K = 2

LP = 3
RP = 4
LK = 1
RK = 2

LP = 3
MP = 4
HP = 5
LK = 1
MK = 2
HK = 6

I haven’t tried MUGEN, but isn’t it just a fighting engine with an expandable, user-made roster? If so, I’d rather see this new engine used for a smaller fighter developed and sustained by a team with a specific vision, and good online play as a standard. I’m all for homebrew fighters, but only if they are consistent and strive to be a serious fighter, not a just novelty.

So can it be used to do 2.5D (like SFIV, MvC3, GGXrd)? Or is it 3D only?

AH character 2d movement behaves more like SFEX. I haven’t edited characters yet.

Not quite. While it is most commonly used as a fighting engine, many other types of games can be made with the software.


Battle Arena Toshinden
Tobal no. 2
Street Fighter EX + Alpha
Fighting Vipers

Rip them shits my nigga.

Hi jedpossum!
I’m owner EF-12.

> I might of found an infinite with VF-Kurama.

Report me!!

I don’t game on my PC, but this looks cool and interesting.

Thanks Onogu for your contribution. :slight_smile:

Well I must be dumb because I can’t seem to configure my controller at all. Tried editing the .ini and it did absolutely nothing. Also, am I missing something or is there no training mode? I’m pretty terrible at figuring out how any character works when I’m being assaulted by the AI.

Omega Tom Hanks 3D edition

It’s a certain frame I haven’t got the timing down but 623+P launches to the same height as before even if it’s the second or third hit.

I’d like have a frame advance tool that I can actually control the frame advancing like in Yatagarsu, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure(CPS3), and many other fighters.

Hey all,

Nayan here from the Playism team (the localization and publisher for EF-12). We’re going to be putting out the English manuals for character and stage creation pretty soon (we’ll be putting it out on the English site, playism-games.com). Feel free to use the JP version for now, of course. We just want to be able to get creation documentation into people’s hands as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

Onogu, the developer, is definitely the person to talk to about technical aspects of the game, but if you have any questions about anything else, I’ll be happy to answer in any way I can.

I noticed this while trying to break VF-Kurama some more if I do a cross under after a launcher and continue the combo. The push back stays the same direction aka go towards me instead of away.

As for the supposed infinite I can only combo the launcher itself 5 times at most maybe more if I can get the dash cancel down.
Two ideas to fix it though.
Leave it the same lower damage to 30.
Increase damage to 50 and make it go away farther.


I might have to play with this for a bit. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at learning how the innards of a fighting game are made and such, and maybe do up one of my own!