Edmonton thread 2016

Hey Matt I fused my Kefka’s and I kinda regret it. If I was a real loser I could’ve got all of them to 100 percent to get 5 ribbons.

Please discuss

Nice join date.

No nodes here.

Subbing to shit thread 2016

Do we share lives here?

The nodes have left. My work hasn’t b& this site.

Know who I miss? That bokchoy guy. What ever happened to him

Best game NA.


Nagare the best.


Looks better than KOF14.

Not sure why everyone is hating on the game. I don’t want every game to look like MKX and SF5.

ur all fegs

Fuk u.

How do I report people? This is my safe space

Someone wants to fight??!

i have to refresh this shit site for new posts? fucking garbage

ur stupid

come at me bro

fuck all yall mods

cmon mods u really gonna delete my posts on a dead thread on a dead forum on a dead site?

and i thought ***I ***was weird

Shit website.

This is srk’s last hurrah

Where is Mirage?