Edmonton May19 2007 tournament

Ok this is going to be a big announcement folks. I?m going to be running what I?m calling a Mullti game tournament. Probably the biggest in variety since well since ever. Reason I?m doing this is the scene on the west cost is as dry as a nuns pussy. So its about time we get some shit bumping. I rented out a place called ?A touch of Caribbean? the place will be at least 3 times bigger than any we?ve used before and we will have 4 tv?s and 2 PC?s on site not to mention the tv?s that other players attending will be bringing along with them.

Like Last time I?m pretty confidant that the Calgary players will be attending this event as well as some Winnipeg players showing up for some games. So without further adu lets get this shit HYPE

Tournametn Flyer
Where? A touch of Caribbean, 5819 118ave
When? Saturday May 19th 1pm
Mvc2, Cvs2 3s, Ssbm, Tekken 5, Slash,
ST, Xvsf, Sfa3, Melty blood Final tuned

Hotels, Motels, Inn?

Coliseum INN
11845 Wayne Gretzky Dr. Southbound,
Tel: (780) 471-1231

Eastglen Inn
6918 118th Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5B 4P3
Toll Free: 1-888-411-2610
Phone: (780) 471-2610

Travelodge Beverly Crest
3414 118th Ave, (North East Edmonton)
Phone: (780) 474-0456

Jockey Motel
3604 118TH Avenue
Phone: (780) 479-5981


Xvsf: Shiro420
Tekken 5: Haseo
Mvc2: jj_tactics
**Sfa3: **Crunch
Cvs2: Moe Powl
**3s: ** Jinrai
Slash: Beeble
Melty blood: Maelwys

All directors need to be there at least by 12 because the tournament will start shortly after.

All games will be $5 admission and the pot will be 70/20/10 post will be updated as time goes by. People in Edmonton look out for flyers that?ll be at most game stores and arcades

All team tournament games will be $20 per team.

All directors will be in charge of brakets. All directors get i their game for free =)

3s, A3 St, Tekken5, Melty blood will all start at 1:30pm
Mvc2, Cvs2, Xvsf, Slash, will All start at 3:00

All players playing in Cvs2, A3, Tekken5 and Melty blood must register no later than 1:20 pm

All players playing Playing in 3s, Mvc2, Xvsf, Slash, and St, must register no later than 2:30 pm

Prize’s besides the pot (Split at 70 20 10

ST: X-Mania V (I think thats the name)
Xvsf: 160 gig Ipod
Mvc2: Free game from Action Exchange
3s: Up to directer
Sfa3: Up to directer
Tekken 5: Up to directer
Slash: Up to directer
Melty blood: Up to directer
Cvs2: Up to directer

Directors notes**

Moe Powl on Cvs2:

since cvs takes forever to finish.
were making it best of one for anyone in losers bracket, losers finals best of 3.
Starting/winners bracket will be best of 3. Semi will be best of 5 and finals will be best of 7.

Previous tournament high light matches

3s High light matches

Arcade kid vs Moe powl Grand finals match 1,2,3

Arcade kid vs Moe powl Grand finals match 4, 5, 6, 7

JJ_tactics vs Jinrai best 2 of 3 match 3

Cvs2 High light matches

JJ_tactics vs Mini-Bok (Cvs2)

JJ_tactics vs Arcade kid cvs2 m2

ST High lights matches

Moe Powl vs Mike

Jinrai vs Best kind Boxer

Mvc2 Hight matches

JJ_tactics vs Arcade kid best 4 of 7

Arcade kid Vs Marvel Money match best of 3

Xvsf High light matches

Dark renagade vs Shiro Kis Ranbat finals best 2 of 3 match 3

Dark renagade vs Shiro Kis ranbat finals best 2/3 match 1

Marv0 vs Cemantics match 2

Confirmed Money matchs

3rd strike

Moe Powl vs Crunch (No word for how much and best of what)
Moe Powl vs BKB (No word for how much and best of what)
X-men vs street fighter

Shiro420 vs Dark renagade ($50-best of 3)
Shadowblade Og vs Haseo ($5 best of 3)
Sasmel vs ShadowBlade OG ($20 best of 5)

Astral vs Haseo ($10 best of 3)
Shiro420 vs Sasmel ($15 best of 5)

$5 per person is also required. For the Team Renagade vs Team Shiro Team money amtches games were agreed by both captins of each team and they will go as fallows.

X-men vs street fighter
Street fighter 3rd strike
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Super street fighter 2 turbo
TR(Dark Renagade, Shadowblade OG, Genasis, Malonik BKB)
TS (Shiro420, Astral, Detrimantix, Crunch, Mini_bok)

“Note” If it ties up in the end then there will be a 5th game added.
Crowd from last tourney

GET FUCKING HYPE and remember if you don’t like Edmonton tournaments


Good luck and have fun:tup:

Lol the 3rd strike highlight is good.

OOOH shit thanks for leting me run tekken. Can’t wait =D

I will be there and bringing the Edmonton smash scene.

Other fighting game players don’t be afraid to test your luck at the party/fighter hybrid that is our obsession!

I hope some good marvel players come. Who’s comming from Calgary? Leo? Ray?

So far it looks like WPG will be going. We just have to discuss transportation and get an idea of how many will be willing to go.

What goes do you guys play?

MM in mvc2 cvs2 and 3s

Oh man I would think about a MM in 3S but to be honest my skills went from sub par to shit after going back to no macro. We are using EVO rules here in Winnipeg for 3S so players can use Macros. We have no arcades anymore so console rules are generally what we follow and you have to understand that most people here play on pad.

But I have to agree from first hand experience that macros are cheating. It gives newby players here 100% execution on EX moves on pad compared to a high level pro in Japan who has 99% execution without.

Because with macros you can never fuck up unless you can’t hit one button.

anyways I might MM in Tekken.

or you could all just start playing on stick like some of us have.

Dark Ren message me and asked me not to come. Something about him saving face or something.

Congratulations Edmonton, say hello to your new best 3rd xmen player in the city, Dark Renegade.

Ya I’m using the beast now. I have been for the past couple days.

Only you, Andrew and Shane have been using sticks for 3S in the past. That’s 3 out of 35 who have entered events. Tim Ho gave up learning and went back to pad.

3S is the only game that concerns me right now for me to use stick. My pad execution is fine for other games.

I’ll MM you again on stick for 3S you can try win your money back!

anyone wanna pick me up in Washington state and gimme a ride home? =P I will enter every tourney! lol

… Edmonton is hella far from here =x

random note of randomness… my grandma’s from Edmonton… o_O

Hey Shiro, it’s pretty interesting that you want to have Melty Blood in the tournament, but I’m concerned about how many people would actually enter it. If there’s only going to be a couple of players, then maybe it’s not worth to include it within the official tournament roster. I’m just asking since this I’m curious to how many people actually play this game in AB. So far, I’ve only know of two people that do.

But anyway, I’ll run it if no one minds. I’m pretty positive I’ll able be go to this.

Ya man no problem. Well to be honest I’m guessing theres 5-6 players in edmonton. I’l also be entering jsut for mad randomness :looney:

Oh okay that’s cool. =D

Given the epicness of this tourney, and my experiences from previous tournies here, may I suggeest one thing: Have registration the hour before the tourney is supposed to start. This ensures a timely start and it makes it easier to keep track of registration fees. Falsefalco can back me on this from the ssbm tournies. Also, are you covering the hall rental by yourself shiro?

^ that’s a good idea. Listen to this guy.

I’m directing ST? Cool.

PS. I’ll run the brackets for any games you want me too, even if I don’t play it.

Done! and yes I’m the only one willing to pay for it =(

It was a suggestion made by one of the players here since your more into it than most of the people in this side of Canada

Done mr I’m running Slash

BKB directing? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, the madness that this is. The darkness will rise again. Return of Vampire Greg!