Edmonton 2005 Thread HOLLA

Ok so 2005 started. :party:
And I haven’t seen most of my friends in a few months. Since they are on vacation in the vast land of Azeroth.
Nice to see Steve, Mike and Dave today. I hope Honda dies of obesity.
Few tidbits to start off the new year…

  • My stomach is growling.
  • I am engaged to my right hand.
  • I won’t see my friends for another few months.
  • Dave will post here next, then Mike and maybe Mai if Moe decides to write something.
  • School is cool. I like mixing toxic chemicals.
  • I want Gran Turismo 4 so I can bury myself in a game.
  • I kissed a girl on new years and she wasn’t a poster.
  • Joe still mashes on CvS2 as if he was playing MvC2.
  • :db: :hcb: :df: :hp: … Not today. :sad:

And in all honesty, I’m way ahead of you guys.

Hey is there any X-v-S players still alive here in edmonton. the ones i played are pritty crazy. pritty decent at the tournament. well any ways if there is any other edmonton players who play x-men vs street fighter hit me up im )shiro dk420) loads of things going down in that game. (tournaments killera ect)

honda’s overwhelming fatness is owing to a glandular disorder called “matt can’t touch this shit”

in other news, my breakfast today consisted of orange pulp cereal with gin

Hahah, hey Dave… i found a secret to getting my all-pulp juice.

buy lots of heavy-pulp OJ and just filtering out the juice… its gonna be expensive. but i think i will take the day off to eat it all… maybe a thursday or a tuesday.

Anyways… when im not in Azeroth or planning wedding shit… errrrr i like to play Street Fighter.

lol… look at my life… i am either doing accounting and planning a marriage… or i am playing an MMO or hanging out at an arcade. Is this a balanced life or just a clusterfuck?

no man, that’s balanced

all you need now is prune juice and a multivitamin supplement and you’ll be set

friday nights cc still happening???

james johnes is the best master of Capcom Vs. MARVAL in edmonton.

I’m guessing none of you’s plays x-men vs street fighter

Maybe if it was 1996 we would. But seriously i think the “vs” game that is played anymore is MvC2, you should learn it.

Moe: ya, i still go every friday as well as the regulars, usually only about 4-7 ppl.

not for long… heh

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good games to u fucks who showed up yesterday.
Calvin had the most bullshit comeback ever. Down 3 full ratios, wit nothing but a sliver of health. Took out both my characters…PERFECT!!! What just happened?
Fritz i just realized i never played u yesterday???
Joe was running a train that night. After u guys all left me and him played like 8games. He won all of them. C groove<<<<<<<<A groove, but Fun >>>>>>> A groove. Hope to c yall next week. Peace.

well x-men vs street fighter is online now has been for a while its almost as borken as mvc2 and ya i wa splaying mvc2 for bout 1 year maybe 2 i played taop james all the top players in edmonton and before any one says tao ians’t from edmonton i know that i just wanted to metion i played him. any ways i think xvs is a bit more fun the mvc2 just because its online and theres just more fun to be had at least for me. there has been some edmonton tournaments but none that i thbink most of you would go to. any ways if any one here in edmonton besides the people i play with dose play xvs by chance im so that i can cheak out any new skillz

woot, u guys have to play in the palace casino poker tournys with me…

its only 30 bux.

lol i did play mvc2 at cc for a long time i played with jay and jj i got o play tao in the last tournament almost beat him twice then lost horidably every other time. his insainly good. i was really hoping for jj to beat his ass tho. so did the other 40 people there. it had to be the most strangest tournament for tao cause every time he won every one was like NOO and every time james killed one of taos people every ones like GRAD BREAK GARD BREAK. I think at one point jay turnd around looked at felix and said stfu thatwas osme funny shit. then i think it was frits that made a bet with some one from calgary about cvs2 and it ending with the other guy eating a whole shit load od donuts i stole one tho ^_^. then after that the guy had to puke and lol stupid tao went to take a picture of it i think what a weirdo he is. any ways ya after that i gave up on mvc2 i mean it lost its whole thing. i think i seen it in most of the peoples eyes there to. mvc2 is dieing in edmonton fast. i think 3s and ggrl is the next wave and i dont really see that new capcom fighter doing much. its ugly game play


Me and Q-guy dominate 3s in SUB. Will a real 3s player please show up sometime? There’s actually lots of people that play :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it still in that place with teh bowling alley?

Hey jon how’d your fight go??? My phones being fixed so am stuck wit a loaner phone right now meaning i lost all me digits. Holla back at me sometime before thursday.

J same ta ya.

mai whats SUB??? and were??? I thought HUB closed their arcade down?

SUB. Students’ Union Building. It’s in the basement with a few arcade machines and a lot of pool tables.

Their 3S machine is like CvS2/MvC2 at CC, but they charge a loonie for 2 credits and their sticks weren’t too great the last time I was there. Maybe they fixed them since then, I dunno.

who still plays? and is jose working today?

oh and im the best donky kong player in the world.