Edition Select (Blanka)

Fairly scrubby so Im still not the largest combo user or red focus guy yet…Is the vanilla version better than Ultra version due to 1050 health?Also were the slide properties better in Vanilla than any other version? I love the hard knockdown of Ultra Blanka Ball but I dont know if it justifies sacrificing energy for a turtle type of application. Any opinions? Should I be using another version? Thanks for your thoughts!

They’re all shit.

Sorry, that was unhelpful. But true.

I don’t really know. I kind of feel like Super blanka was this strongest iteration because at least there he kind of had a gameplan.

Vanilla/Super are the best. Super has better hop, but vanilla has Better CC, better u1, and some other small tweaks.

I’d rather have vanilla in fireball matches, but super in matchups where using hop for setups is really important.

All are bad though.

I think ultra blanka is the best, he has more options than all other versions and more damage potential… Vanilla had better health?, and better jab electricity pressure than all other versions and a stronger ultra but overall Ultra blanka has a faster hop, trickier rainbow ball, a comboable overhead, two ultras for better defense, blanka ball knockdown, and ex upball knock down as well as the ability to cancel upball…blanka ain’t great but its his best edition besides omega(!)…!