[EDIT] Was about Hori RAP, now it's 'How do I config my stick in SSF4AE, it's stuck on default?'

**EDIT: Further down in the thread it becomes apparent that this initial question isn’t the right question, but for the sake of people’s posts making sense I’ll leave my OP as-is below.

The issue I’m having is that SSF4AE on PC won’t let me configure the buttons on my Hori RAP stick - I can configure the keyboard and xbox controllers, but the stick is stuck on default controls no matter what I change. This means the controls are all nonsense basically. Is there some driver I’m missing? It seems like I should be seeing ‘Arcade Stick’ in the Button Config menu, but all I see are Keyboard 1 & 2, and Controller 1,2,3,4.**

Apologies if this has been asked before, I couldn’t find it in the arcade stick FAQ thread

I’ve just bought a Hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA Kai (this one) and, stupidly, I didn’t really think about what it’s button layout was before I got it. This is my first stick, never even tried one before, so I’m pretty clueless.

I just assumed the layout would be;

LP - MP - HP - All Punch
LK - MK - HK - All Kick

That just seems intuitive, and it’s the way my Madcatz fightpad is laid out so it’s what I’m used to.

Instead, the stick is;

MK - LP - MP - All Punch
LK - All Kick - HK - HP

I’m assuming this is one of the standard layouts - but what’s the logic of it? Is it more ergonomic or something? As a newbie coming to it, it feels really…random, especially the placement of All Kick and All Punch

I guess my question is - as a complete newbie, should I just stick it out and learn this new layout, or have I accidentally picked up a stick with a weird layout? If necessary I know I can just change my controls in the game, but I really don’t want to have to do that for every match when I play against people at meetups or tournaments.

(I’m playing on PC btw, so it’s an Xbox-compatible stick)

It’s not a standard layout. Nobody uses that layout.

There are presets in the config menu for different sticks, the first one you listed should be one of them.

It’s a relief to find that’s not a normal layout! But now I’m even more confused…

I’m just using the default controls, I haven’t changed any of the inputs.

I can’t find anything to do with stick layouts in the Button Config menu (this is SSF4:AE if anyone hasn’t already guessed!), there’s 4 ‘Controller’ presets, but they’re all the same, they’re just the default layout.

To clarify, the actual buttons on my stick are:

B - X - Y - LB
A - LT - RT - RB

And the default Xbox controls are:

X - LP
Y - MP
LB - All Punch
A - LK
B - MK
LT - All Kick

Which is all retarded on an Xbox pad, but on my Madcatz Fightpad it lines up perfectly, with the three punches along the top and the three kicks along the bottom.

Where should I be seeing these stick presets?

So, looking around online it looks like there should be a preset in Button Config that just says ‘Arcade Stick’, but I’m not seeing that - is this maybe an issue with the game not recognising my stick? I mean, it’s working, I can use it - but maybe the game thinks it’s a controller rather than a stick, and that’s why it’s not showing stick presets? (I know for example that when my controller isn’t plugged in, it doesn’t show controller presets).

If that is the case, are there drivers I need or something?

That is the Microsoft mandated button layout, all non licensed sticks on 360 use that layout. The Madcatz MLG TE uses that layout as well as the new Razer Atrox.

Ok this is seriously weird - just tried changing the button config manually, and…basically, I can change the buttons for Keyboard 1 & 2, and for Controllers 1, 2, 3 & 4. None of them affect the stick. If I change the controller presets, then it affects my fightpad and my xbox controller, but no matter which one I change, none of them affect the stick…so I can’t change its inputs at all. As I guessed before - it really looks like the game is just not recognising the stick at all for some reason…despite the fact that I can play with it, just only with the default controls. Ugh

Nevermind, I’ve found sort of a work around. Basically the issue seems to be that, while the game doesn’t recognise the stick as a stick, it does recognise it as a controller - BUT it recognises it as a different controller every time it’s plugged in, or I reboot the game. So I thought the controller settings weren’t affecting the stick because which set of settings affected it was changing every time! Anyway, solution: change every Controller to have the arcade controls and go from there.

Another possibility would be to use the programm xpadder. Works really fine. It is an issue with SF4 on PC, not with the arcade stick or the PC itself. On the xbox you can change the config easily, for PC I use that tool, otherwise my stick (using a dualstrike PCB wouldnt be recognized at all by SF4 PC).