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I hope everyone had fun. My staff and I did a lot of work making ECCX as smooth and fun as possible! A HUGE thanks goes out (but not limited to) UberJae, PhiAnh, Minh, Rob Sigley, Van, Phil Burnell, Josh (McWhorter and Wigfall), John Gordon, Stephen (pryde), fugee, Zach Robinson (preppy), the Break, and everyone I haven’t mentioned.

Also thanks to all of the players to came out. It was a great run!! Good luck to everyone, play hard and live it up! GGPO

Please, if you have videos, you may post any, except for the top 16 in marvel. I would appreciate it.

ECCX Tournament Results

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 - Elections
		J S P C J W Y I R E    
		W A O O M I I S E R	 
		O N T M A G P S S I	 
		N F T B R F E A E K	 
		G O E O   A S C T	 
		  R R F   L   		 
		  D   I   L   G		
		      N		      WIN-LOSS
		      D               TOTALS
	        ===================	===
JWONG		\ L W W W W W W W W	8-1
SANFORD		W \ W W W W W W W W	9-0
POTTER		L L \ L L L L W W L	2-7
JMAR		L L W W \ W L L L W	4-5
WIGFALL		L L W L L \ W W W L	4-5
YIPES		L L W L W L \ L L W	3-6
ISSAC G		L L L L W L W \ L L	2-7
RESET		L L L L W L W W \ W	4-5
ERIK		L L W W L W L W L \	4-5
		===================	===

1ST - sANFORD		9-0

(Thanks to bernie/jewbacca/alex for compiling results!)

Marvel Vs Capcom 2
1st - Sanford Kelly (Empire)
2nd - Justin Wong (Empire)
3rd - Jason Mar
4th - Reset
5th - Ricky Ortiz (Empire)
5th - Harry Potter
7th - Yipes (Empire)
7th - Julian Robinson (Empire)
9th - Omar Briggs
9th - Damian
9th - Shawn Morgan
9th - Rahsaan
13th - Killer Kai
13th - Josh Wigfall
13th - Michael Williams (Empire)
13th - Pigadoken

Tekken 5
1st - JinMaster (Empire)
2nd - Bronson Tran (NorCal/Empire)
3rd - Josh Wong
4th - Scary Mashed Potates (SMP)
5th - Justin Wong (Empire)
5th - GameMario (syndicate)
7th - DevilX
7th - Brian H
9th - Sanford Kelly(Empire)
9th - Ajani
9th - Wejita
9th - Josh McWhorter
13th - John Golden
13th - LOC
13th - Realyst
13th - James Sekator

Capcom Vs Snk 2
1st - Peter Rosas
2nd - Justin Wong (Empire)
3rd - Ricky Ortiz (Empire)
4th - Arturo Sanchez (Empire)
5th - Sanford Kelly (Empire)
5th - Ratio1Beatdown
7th - EvilElvis
7th - Pigadoken
9th - Troopa
9th - Henry Cen
9th - David Zangief
9th - Baltimore Chun (Empire)
13th - Citiofbrass
13th - SkiSonic
13th - Rob Sigley
13th - Ernest Woo

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
1st - Justin Wong (Empire)
2nd - Ricky Ortiz (Empire)
3rd - Eddie Lee
4th - Henry Cen
5th - Peter Rosas
5th - Marvin Li (C-Royd)
7th - John Gordon (Empire)
7th - KOFiend
9th - Jeron Grayson
9th - Mike Devonish (Empire)
9th - Exodus
9th - Arturo Sanchez (Empire)
13th - Stephen Monro
13th - Justin Daniels
13th - FlashMetroid
13th - HeLGeN-X

Guilty Gear XX #R
1st - Kyohei "marlinpie"
2nd - Alex Garvin
3rd - Destin
4th - Blue
5th - James Austin
5th - ComboFiend
7th - Duece
7th - Chaz
9th - Jin
9th - KBNova (Empire)
9th - FlashMetroid
9th - Drew
13th - Daniel
13th - Casey
13th - Hanzo
13th - Def

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
1st - Justin Wong (Empire)
2nd - Henry Cen
3rd - Ricky Ortiz (Empire)
4th - Phi Nguyen (JetPhi)
5th - Pete Talley
5th - Devin
7th - John Gordon (FlashG)(Empire)
7th - Todd Dwyer (Zeruel)
9th - Chris Li
9th - Dave Spence
9th - Dave Doyle
9th - Chris Doyle
13th - Mike Turner (Lethargy)
13th - Eddie Lee
13th - Ed (the head) Espino
13th - Trevor Vanterpool
17th - Ernest Woo
17th - Steven (Pryde)
17th - Jeron Grayson
17th - John Piazza
17th - Killer Kai
17th - N-Ken
17th - Rob Sigley
17th - Phil Burnell (DSP)
25th - Eric Lee
25th - Fernando Colon
25th - Christian (CapMaster)
25th - Matt
25th - Chris
25th - Jamie Kish
25th - Dave (Sparatik)


  • chris li puts dsp into losers
  • rick-e puts talley into losers
  • henry puts chris li into losers
  • phi puts flash into losers
  • phi puts spence into losers
  • rick-e puts phi into losers
  • justin puts henry into losers
  • flash peaces out mike turner and dave doyle
  • talley peaces out eddie lee, spence, and flash
  • phi peaces out talley somehow
  • todd peaces out trevor (first win over him in like 5 years?) and internet hotness, chris doyle :wink:
  • ed the head peaces out dsp
  • devin streaks and peaces out ed, chris li, and todd
  • henry peaces out devin, phi, and rick-e
  • grand finals were 2 sets of 4-3 of countering, each between henry and justin

Anniversary Edition
1st - Phil Burnell (DSP)
2nd - Chris Doyle (Technical Monkey)
3rd - Mike Turner (Lethargy)
4th - Dave Doyle (OldSchoolKid)
5th - Fernando Colon (The REAL Decoy)
5th - Devin

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
1st - Moe
2nd - Lex
3rd - Shock
4th - TheProphet
5th - Thrower
6th - JetPhi
6th - Julian Robinson
8th - RedGouki
9th - RSigley

Street Fighter Alpha 2
1st - Eddie Lee
2nd - John Gordon (FlashG) (Empire)
3rd - Phil Burnell (DSP)
4th - Julian Robinson (Empire)
5th - Jeron Grayson (Empire)
5th - ExMatt

CvS2 Teams
1st - Team Empire (Justin Wong, Arturo Sanchez, Rick-e Ortiz)
2nd - Team Terra (Sanford, ComboFiend, Warren)
3rd - Team Lame (Jeron Grayson, JoshWong, Eddie Lee)
4th - Team Moe City of Troops (Just1Moe, COB, Troopa)
5th - Team Canada (Jason, Matt, Roger)
5th - Team Random (MrFantastic, Glory, Moose)


  • team empire puts moe city of troops, canada and terra into losers
  • terra puts lame and random into losers
  • moe city of troops peaces out punching bag and random
  • lame peaces out croyd/philmcfly, canada and moe city of troops
  • terra peaces out team lame

3S Teams
1st - Team TopTier (Henry Cen, Rick-e Ortiz)
2nd - Team Do-More (Arturo Sanchez, Eddie Lee)
3rd - Team Mmmmm… (Flash, Justin Wong)
4th - Team Canada (C-Royd, KOFiend)
5th - Team RUN (ComboFiend, )
5th - Team Quotes (Ali, MrQuotes)


  • do-more puts mmm into losers and peaces them out
  • top tier goes straight to the top, beating quotes, run and doom
  • canada peaces out florida, devin/dan, and run, to be peaced out by mmm

BreakSteak Challenge (May 29, 2005)

Josh Aponte wins the BreakSteak Challenge of ECCX devouring 3 BreakSteaks (with the works) in 3 min 7 sec.
Apparently, there was no vomit during the eat-off

Pools info

ECCX CVS2 Qualifying Pools Official Results From "Uber"jae, CVS2 Tourney Director

Here are the qualifiers from each Pool, Winners and Losers.

Pool 1 -
W. Ricky “Hello Kitty” Ortiz (NYC.CA)
L. Andy D. “Citiofbrass” (NYC)

Pool 2 -
W. Rob “rsigley” Sigley (NJ)
L. Henry “Censei” Cen (NY)

Pool 3 -
W. Albert “Pigadoken” Nguyen (CA)
L. James “Bmore Chun” Paige (MD)

Pool 4 -
W. Justin “Marvelous” Wong (NY)
L. David “Zangief” Vargas (NY)

Pool 5 -
W. Arturo “Sabin/Furby” Sanchez (NY)
L. “Warren?” Evil Elvis (CA)

Pool 6 -
W. Roger “Ratio1Beatdown” Williams (Canada)
L. Ernest Woo (Hawaii.Boston)

Pool 7 -
W. Peter “Combofiend” Rosas (CA)
L. Skisonic (MD)

Pool 8 -
W. Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly (NY)
L. Omar “Troopa” (NY)

Qualifying Pool Highlights-
Potter sends Eddie Lee to losers where Chaotic Blue peaces him out.
Potter literally pixels away from qualifying vs Ernest Woo.
Combofiend performing the Journeyman combo in tourney and nearly OCVing his entire pool with ratio 1 A-groove Rock and making CVS2 entertainig to watch.
Justin Wong laming out his entire bracket woooooo!
Bmore Chun nearly betting on every Pool 8 match while drunk and heckling the players lol.
David Zangief and DASH’s double KO.
C-Royd from Canada losing to a female player Jasmine from NY.
Jasmine nearly beating Henry Cen in losers.
Sorry I can’t remember teams.

First 8 Matches of Sunday’s 16 Man 2 out of 3/Double Elim Bracket are as follows :

Ricky Ortiz vs Skisonic
Arturo Sanchez vs Omar "Troopa"
Ratio1Beatdown vs Citiofbrass
Sanford Kelly vs Evil Elvis
Combofiend vs David “Zangief” Vargas
Rob Sigley vs Henry Cen
Pigadoken vs Bmore Chun
Justin Wong vs Ernest Woo

Good Luck Today to those who qualified.


  • more info to come soon

Did team TopTier actually used top tier characters?

Ricky uses Ken. Henry may be like … Chun-Li or Yun. That or Urien or Makoto. Who knows.

How many teams entered CvS2 and 3S? How come Team Canada had to face Empire AGAIN?! PHIIIIII!

Is MTL at EccX?

I swear in my dream last night I ended up going to ECC the very last nimute. except I was at “8 on the Break” instead of CTF.

Haha, go go Team Canada!

C-Royd is my hero.

some news from KILLERKAI:

RESET wins winners finals 3-0 against Issac in the mvc2 qualifiers

T5 Stuff:
Four pools are done. Top two qualify (winners’ bracket winner and losers’ bracket winner). Following have qualified, winner first.

Pool A: Bronson (Nina), Justin Wong (Nina, Feng Wei)
Pool B: ScaryMashedPotatos (Roger Jr), Devil-X (Bryan)
Pool C: Icege (Craig), Brian H (Paul)
Pool D: Josh Wong (Steve), TheGame (Law, Paul)

Jinmaster’s Pool is going on right now. Mad Ocx and Blood Red are in it.

SMP put Rugal B, Devil X, and Ricky Ortiz in the losers’. w1r3d put Rugal B out with Kuma/Panda. Devil X put Spero Gin (NY) out and he put Ricky out in the losers’ finals.

I put Brian H into losers finals, and he put Kasht out (they had played each other earlier in the brackets, Kasht lost).

Bronson steamrolled his pool. O_O

Capcom side of things…

Isaac Graham and Reset qualified for 2 of the 3 open invitational spots.

CvS2 qualifiers: Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz, Henry Cen, BaltimoreChun, Pigadoken, City of Brass, rsigley

3S qualifiers: M. Dot, FlashG, Eddie Lee, exodus, Ricky Ortiz, JeRon, Justin Wong, halgen-x

MvC2 Team Tourney results:

  1. Xecutioner, Matrix, JustinW
  2. Infinite, Rashan, Sanford
  3. Blaziniflo, Josh Wong/Reset, Demon Hyo (Josh Wong came late and got booted off Team Josh Wong. O.o)
  4. ???/Isaac Graham/JMar

Fuggin CRRAAAAZZY! Good shit Reset =]


what’s the word on the FL players (flashmetroid/peter, zerog/richel)?

ahh, good to hear reset and pigadoken’s name in there.

word is reset owned jmarr

Ummm what happened to Eddie Lee, Arturo Sanchez, in cvs2? I’m pretty surprised to not see their names up there.

pools aren’t done, when i left only 3 were done

pool 1:
winner: ricky ortiz
loser: citi of brass

pool 2:
winner: me
loser: henry cen

pool 3:
winner: bmore chun
loser: pigadoken

the break ceiling started leaking all over cvs2 so shit had to be delayed for like 1 hour :lame:

GO WARREN!!! :nunchuck:


pool 5

Justin Wong
David (RC Zangief) Vargas

pool 6

Arturo Sanchez
Evil Elvis from SoCal (Warren?)

Julien Robinson put Evil in losers, got sent to losers by Arturo. Evil beats Julien in rematch for losers pool final

Sorry missed pool 4, left after pool 6

Resets over there givin these cats the business. Hope he does well in the other marvel tournies too.

EDIT: Just got word. Sanford wins the MvC2 invite 9-0 (2/3 sets). Justin got 2nd 8-1. Don’t know the rest, except Reset got 5-5. Credit rsigley for he news.

sorry jeron, I think i missed the cfe tourney (btw, when I ask any & everyone about it, and gimme a blank stare saying "wtf is cfe :wtf: ")
I got owned by my car. apparently the starter died.

marvel singles are beginning 2morrow…hopefully my car will be fixed by then(its still there as i’m typing this)

the vampire cab has taken the place of the svc cab of last year… its just there, broken, with a white line running at the bottom of the screen… :sad:

also, arturo was in pool 5 i thought (being that I was in pool 6)

Why is sanford such a bully?