ECC8: Rebirth Pics

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the 140+ pics featured at the link below should make for a lot of memorable moments for all that attended including players from all over from East to West, Midwest and of course, Canada.

Overall, things went very smoothly and I think it’s a safe assumption to say that this was one of the most enjoyable ECC events to date (and surely not the last). Good job to Phi, Chris Li, Flash, Chris Cotty, Masaka, Robin, the rest of the ECC8 Staff - and you!

Unfortunately, due to random extenuating circumstances, I was not able to gather up players from each region for the traditional team pics (unless Phi covered this on his own). There are also a few brief video clips thrown in there as well… :slight_smile:

In any event, you’ll find the entire photo album accessible @

Enjoy, and…see you next year!


Knew what? That Josh was hella tired?!

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Wow nice work bahn. Some good candid (and not so candid) shots in there.

I’m just busting balls…

nice pictures thanks for hosting them. i didn’t know i held the controller so stupid prolly why i can’t block anything :smiley:

i am the guy wit the towel in the middle :smiley: and damn i aint play so well at ecc grrrrr:mad:

Thanks for showing the photo album. We need more of these for big events like this.

Props to the V-Ism Sakura choking-the-hell outta A-Ism Dhalsim…ness. I swear, everytime I see someone using an A-Ism Dhalsim, they get their ass handed to them by a Sakura. Besides the obvious (:rolleyes: ), is there any reason why only that match was posted up there? Were those the finals or somethin’?

Nice work, guys.

Could someone tell me about James Paige? I hear his name a lot but I dunno a thing about him because I’m “not in the circle”. He’s a funny kat, though (saw him on the North East Championships 3 Trailer). Thanks!

:lol: You look sneaky-as-a-bitch, man; like you’re plottin’ somethin’. Tough break, anyway. Better luck to you next time.

What the hell is the deal with all the middle-fingers?? The Top-Haters web site has you all corrupted.

My pleasure…glad you enjoy them. :slight_smile:

Hm. I think the best person to personally talk about James besides himself would be me.

Contrary to what some believe, James has been in the SF scene for years. In fact, he was one of the original ECC attendees before many of us jumped into the foray around ECC4. His return to the tournament battleground was made during NEC. A time in which Baltimore was heavily disregarded as having no significant comp structure. Unlike most regions, they competed against each other mainly in a “sub shop”; a bit of an underground atmosphere if you will…

Long story short, NEC marked the period in which James, Will Martin and their crew battled through the trenches of some of East Coast’s most consistent player base. Him and I shared a dynamic (albeit amusing) rivalry for the most part. He continued playing A3 mainly with his trademark character, Chun Li in which I gave him his official name that he has been called - Baltimore Chun

Funny kat, indeed. In fact, he’s practically omnipresent in just about every East Coast/Midwest event with aid by LCP…but it’s all good if you haven’t met him by now.

Hi, B-chun! toast :slight_smile:

Middle fingers???

Now what makes you say that? I don’t think we’ve been corrupted at all and here’s the proof!

If I end up traveling to MWC, you can count on seeing that event captured on film!

p.s. those weren’t matches of the A3 finals. I personally recorded them because they were matches I felt were signficant. The A3 match is betwen Nibor and Cole. (I actually wanted to test the video feature) :stuck_out_tongue:

The ST matches are of Jeron Grayson v. DSP.

You’ll find many more matches like this on the official ECC8 DVD. Be sure to order a copy!

Hell yeah i was tired, even today i am i slept 40 mins after my alarm went off. Time for school!

*Originally posted by Humble Breaker *
:lol: You look sneaky-as-a-bitch, man; like you’re plottin’ somethin’. Tough break, anyway. Better luck to you next time.

I was plotting something… i was thinking of wat reset to use next on my victims:p and wtf y i couldnt use mags for anything. HAd to go back on good ol SENTinel:evil:

shout outs to blaziniflo, mixup ,empire crew ,fecal penance ,conn guy kevin , random folk up there that i met, demon hyo and his IM, bahn anyone that took me up in mvc2 and other koo peeps.

that truck outside the break was too cool ! for freeeeeeeeeeeee :lol:

lol, nice pics. Thanks for posting them :smiley:

Holy shit! That pic of Bahn and Sabin! Is that not the best balrog face impression you’ve ever seen? Arturo HAD to be TRYING to do the lips with eye thang and…that just can’t be random! :lol:


How much Overflow was to the gaming truck outside? :slight_smile:

seems it was the place to be outside the arcade:)

Seems though it was a fun time for all though after viewing em all
with all the cameras, should be a good DVD


damn that Ricky Ortiz for giving me boners…