ECC 8 MvC2 Team Tourney Results

1st - Team FreeWorld [Ricky Ortiz, X, Justin Wong]
2nd - Team Burnit [Mixup Mike, BlazinFlo, Josh Wong]
3rd - Team Random [Mike Punza, Damien, Brandon]

Thats all i remember. oh and Josh Wong is a F*cking Beast. Sentinaaaaaaaallll!!!

YAy! Team Burnit! :lol:

Go Pungza.

Mad props to Team Burnit! Awesome to see FL being represented at ECC in mvc2…with a little help from Josh Wong too of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

fuck tha free world!!!:lol: :lol:

Mike mixon IS fuckin magneto…rush them niggahs down mike:D

go mixon and josh lazy!!

Do it Mike…MF’ers for life…:lol:

Any details on the matches ?
Mike’s a beast but Justin is still unbeaten…


good shit pungza :smiley: :smiley: :cool:

yeah me, damian (FACALPENACE), and pungza were holding it down until we got blocked by the 2 wongs of justice:bluu:

It’s all good though, we only lost to wongs and nobody else, plus we went through some very good teams, and it wasn’t easy.

TEAM RANDOM!!! 1 black guy, 1 white guy, and asian. That’s just gotta be random:D

It’s good to see my ATL south people lay it down.

i cant live a lie anymore… its time to come clean…no more sugarcoating… no more modesty… i’m too fucking good… i carried this fucking team!!! I AM THE TRUTH!!! props to mixup for almost perfecting justin wong… i’m still the best…

What happened to team EMPIRE? :lol: :lol:

Congratz to Team Burnit!

Ha… I knew he could do it… Mike is a Magneto GOD

Mike almost perfec wong?!?!?!?:eek:


Represent for mag players mike…fuckin magnuz taking this one:D

…i hope;)

was there a singles mvc2 tourney?

singles is happening today(sunday)

Mike remeber what I told you…Rep that shit sheep fucker.

I dunno wtf happened friday…lack of sleep kills me, i lose to random scrubs in team tourney and beat jwong wtf:confused: