--- ECC 12.5 -- Dunellen, NJ - 10/6/07 - 10/7/07

arcade, breaksteaks, nuff said :wgrin:

oct 6-7 2007

eight on the break
340-346 north ave.
dunellen, new jersey

compliments of Hevad Khan, brand new sticks and buttons have been ordered and will be installed on each of the tourney cabinets on the 24th (or that week)

cover/registration fee:
$5 (before entering a tournament)
$10 entry fee for each tournament (cvs2, tekken dr, mvc2, st, 3s, ggac)

9pm - mvc2 team tournament
9pm - unofficial team tournaments

12:30pm - registration starts
2pm - registration ends
2pm - cvs2
3pm - tekken dr
3pm - 3s
5pm - mvc2 pools 7 pools, top 4 advance to a reset bracket on sunday
5pm - st

12:30pm - registration starts (mvc2 re-entry pools, guilty gear)
1pm - mvc2 re-entry pools top 4 advance
2pm - all other tournaments are continued if they don’t finish saturday (most likely cvs2)
2pm - ggac
3pm - 3rd strike team tournament
5pm - breaksteak challenge!

post if there are any questions


are the devil.


Oh shiiii~~!

Edit: Co-sign on the week delay. Let’s get some Arcana up in this bitch!

I beat DevilJin

damn phi any chance you could hold this 1 week later, arcana heart full is coming out on japanese ps2 the week after, and im sure i could get a decent amount of ppl to swing through for the first console tourney. u know you like it after that one time u played in chinatown. :stuck_out_tongue:

if the dates are locked in then its ok ill be there anyway.

ps to any historians out there there ahve only been 2 ecc’s like this. ecc 4.5 and this one (lol damn phi come up with a better name)

:tup: Justin Wong vs Sanford Kelly on THE BIG CAB (as it should be). :tup:

I guess I should ask this waaaaaaaaaay early on (ie now) but can I run a MB tournament Phi?

Regardless of if I can or not, I’ll sure as hell be there.


I believe this is what you call…A bombshell.

id definitely try and make it if it is rescheduled to be a week
later. being able to run an Arcana heart tourney a couple
of days after its release would be too good.


Tekken yes?

im goin just for the breaksteaks. even if i have to put up with no space and stank ass all weekend.

Co-co-sign on the tourney being held a week late so we can get some pedophiles at the break for that good old arcana. If this is a possibility, then I’m gonna be there so fucking hard.

Obligatory no homo.

ECC still lives? I knew you wouldn’t let it die, Phi!

I nominate Alpha 2 for a tourney. I’ll even run it. I’m sure with all this GGPO people have been playing we’ll have a few entrants.


Listen to these men. PLEASE delay it by one week. There’s a ton of people waiting to play this game and the only way they can play it is on console. We can also guarantee a good turnout.

Shit, I’ll even supply my PS2 and copy of the game.

Um no, don’t delay ECC of all things by a week just for Arcana Heart, sorry.

The game comes out that Thursday / Friday, there’s absolutely no time to sit down and practice the game, unless you guys went and got it when it was leaked, and even then it’s not worth delaying.


Arcana Heart Lynch Squad ASSEMBLE!

keep the vampire in phi :slight_smile:

How random! But I’m loving it, so count me in!

gdlk…count me in…gdlk