eBay: PSX/PS2/PS3 Seimitsu/Sanwa Modded Hori Command Stick ($99.99)

Sold locally.

I remember when you were trying to get this modded. Who ended up doing the work, looks really good.

That was ‘DevilFang’. Excellent work indeed.

I’m unfortunately selling/trading this because I’ve moved on to the 360 and this joystick can’t be dual modded for the 360 because the macro functions are PS1/2 stock PCB tied and I don’t want to remove the PCB to swap fora 360 PCB seeing as how rare the Command Stick is :frowning:

I’m playing SF4 on Xbox controller and it SUCKS!!

Someone please help me!!!

I will check this out. I am interested I just need to come up with the money before someone else does lol.

If you ever decide to ship internationally pm me.

is it a psx pcb made compatible for pc/ps3 with the adapter?

Yes that’s correct. It’s the stock Hori PSX PCB that’s made PC/PS3 compatible with the use of the Mayflash Super Joy Box 3 adapter (100% no lag)

Damn, if it doesn’t get sold through Ebay, I’ll pick it up.

I live in sauga, so I probably could have made it up to maple, I could have given you 130 for it.