Easy way to tighten a joystick...?

I have a TE Round 2 from MadCatz and it’s still in good condition, but the joystick feels a little looser than I think it should. Still works fine, I’ve been playing with it like that, it just effects my play sometimes (Accidentally jumps, sloppier inputs).
I know how to take off the back, and watched my friend change a couple of his buttons…I’m just wondering if there’s a simple way to tighten the joystick on this thing.

Paradise arcade shop makes custom springs for the JLF that should make the stick stiffer. They can be found here

Wow. Haha, thanks…that’s pretty much exactly what I’m looking for. I may or may not just keep using this one how it is, but order one of these just in case this gets too annoying, or in case it just completely craps out.

Try an ls-55 spring as well. It is a spring for a different joystick. I found the paradise arcade 2 lbs joystick spring too stiff for my liking.

Good lookin’ out, man. I’ll probably order two different ones just to test them out.

Good thinking since these springs go for less than the actual shipping cost.
Order a few different ones and experiment, see what spring or combination of springs work for you.

I use a LS-55 Spring and a JLF spring on one of my Sanwa JLF joysticks to make it feel really stiff, not quite like a Happ stick would be, but it is close.

The simplest way to stiff the stick at no cost is to take out the spring and stretch it a bit, don’t stretch it too much, cause it will feel weird, I myself use an ls-32 spring in my JLF joystick, it gives it a bit of a seimitsu feel to it and its a bit stiffer than the JLF’s spring.

I’ve seen people try this and this just reduces the durability of your spring.

Throughout time the spring well wear out much quicker.

I don’t understand how spending a dollar or 2 for a spring is more of a hassle than reducing the lifespan of your current spring…

I agree as cheap as some of these springs are, it is worth the shot.