Easy way to get mounting plates off?

When my Sanwas came in the mail, and also when I was fixing Pablo_The_Mex’s stick, the mounting plates WOULD NOT COME OFF. I tried and tried, and only succeeded in stripping the goddamn screws. WHY IN THE WORLD do they use that weird glue shit, or why don’t they just ship them with the mounting plate seperate? :confused:

Get the read screwdriver and it should work. Sanwa sells both with and without plate.
The “glue shit” is used to it will not come off that easy (you know this now ^_^).

I used a regular screw driver and it came off fine

I’ve done the same thing. I didn’t even know there was glue in there! :wasted:

I was trying to get the mounting plate off of the JLF that came in my HRAP2. Of the four screws, one is competely stripped, one started to strip, one feels like it will also strip, and one I was too scared to touch.

Ok guys, I’ve had to do this for a few customers, and after messing up a couple, I determined that torque is the most important factor in removing these damn screws. Although you would think that you would need a small screwdriver to get them off, the opposite is in fact true. You want to use a regular, full-sized #2 Phillips screwdriver, applying steady downward force as you slowly turn the screw and break the seal. Once the seal is broken, you’re good to go, but that first turn is crucial… I think the screwdriver Neo was referring to is actually known as Reed Prince (or Reed & Prince), which is very similar to a Phillips, but the points are less tapered. I’ve never actually owned one of these, but I know Craftsman makes one, so I guess on my next trip to Sears I’m going to pick one up and give it a try…

In the meantime, if you’ve already boogered up the screws beyond all hope of any kind of conventional tool removing them, just drill them out. Use a bit roughly the same size as the diameter of the screw, and knock the head off. Once you’ve freed the plate, you can just tap the nuts out of the body with the remaining part of the screw still in it…

Hope this helps…


If you wrecked your screws and cant get your JLF back together, let me know and I can send you (4) screws for free.

TheRealNeoGeo hooked me up on a few and I have extras. Just “paying it forward” so to speak.

I guarantee that using screws from Timoe will make your stick look better. :rofl:

Seriously though, is there anything special about these particular screws? I’m going to have to drill out mine eventually and I wanted to be sure. Will I not be able to find ones of the proper shape/size in any regular (North American) hardware store?

i’ve bought about 6 seperate phillips screwdrivers today…this is crazy

There is an easy way to get those screws off. Flip the chassis over so you see the glued in screws. The glue is this stuff called lok-tite which isn’t suppose to be permanent so a little bit of brute force can get the screw out but chances are you’ll strip the screw head first.

An easier way is just to dissolve the glue. Most glues have solvents yo. lok-tite’s solvent is convenient acetone so either buy a bucket of that shit or steal you’re sister’s nail polish remover because that’s basically diluted acetone. Take a cotton swab and dip it in the acetone and then swab the the nut and the glue on the nut from the bottom side of the sanwa. Let it sit for about 1 minute and the screws should come off much easier.

OMFG, that is hot. If I was premium I’d rep you. :tup:

you can do like i did and just drill through the screw

I just want to say that the whole ordeal of getting those screws removed is fucking ridiculous.

LOL, I ever knew this was thread worthy material.

Just removed the mounting plate on my JLF using Chippermonky’s method, and the screws came out with ease. Thanks!


the chipper method is a good one… but to be honest it shouldnt come to that… you guys prolly just arent using some muscle and a big enough screwdriver… i mean a big one.

heres a picture from my cell phone… sorry its bad quality, of how big your philips needs to be in relation. then with enough force downforce , so you dont strip it, give it like 2 turns and it should be loose. then with a tooth pick or a really small screwdriver punch out the nut if its still in there.

after i learned to use this size screwdriver… like after almost stripping my second plate i have never messed up at all… perfect everytime. i hope this helps some of you and you wont have to wait to get rid or the loctite.