Easy question - 2 sets of RCA into 1 RCA port - PS2, 360, Wii all into 2 components

Is there an easy way to plug a Wii, Ps2 and 360 all into 1 tv at the same time without switching them out constantly?

Any help would be appreciated.


Composite Video Switcher

Thank you FunkyP!

Old TV?

Most modern LCD’s have 2-3 component cable inputs, and 2-3 HDMI’s.

No it’s new

It has 2 components and 2 hdmi.

The 360 is using one of the components, and the Wii is using the other. So I need a way to plug my ps2 in at the same time.

I just remembered that the 360 has an hdmi port. I’ll use that. Thanks guys

Edit 2:
Apparently mine doesn’t…

Ah, you have one of the old 360s. Surprised it hasn’t red ringed yet.

Lol It actually did ring a month before the warranty expired so they replaced it for me…

Still waiting for that second ring though lol

My friends red-ringed last year and when they replaced it they sent him a model with an HDMI port. Weird that didn’t happen with you.