Easy Input Gem for Asuka?

Asuka has 6 special moves. 4 of them are half circle move
Half circle move have an official shorcut which let you start in crouch position.
Half circle move have a restriction too. You have to end the move in stand position to execute the move.

So instead of doing :hcb: (hcb) or :hcf: (hcf) you can do :df::d::db::b: (hcb) and :db::d::df::f: (hcf).

Now i was looking into the information provide by Dantarion http://pandora.dantarion.com/dumps/ASK.bcm.inputs.html (check YOGA) and it looks like easy input gem are not really “easy” input.
The impact of this gem on half circle move (Easy not super Easy) is it “reverse” the rule.

Now instead of being forced to end in stand position, you can end in crouch position BUT you are forced to start in stand position

So the new shorcut with easy input gem is :f::df::d: :db: (hcb) and :b::db::d::df: (hcf).

You can wondering what is the point of using this gem and lose damage if the move is not shorter.

In SSF4 with Chun Li, i tend to hit my button to early when i try to perform an Hazan Shu (HCB + K) in hot situation and i get a sweep. I hit my button during the last crouch input

So this normal restriction at the end of the move is a problem for me. If i can reverse this, that can help me in some situation and since most of the move of Asuka are Half circle move, i think it’s worth using this gem for her.

Example you walk forward and you see a fireball. Normally you are forced to do the :hcb: + HP but now you can shorten the move and stop at :db:

Or you just blocked an overhead and you expect your opponent to go for a low, you can activate her counter with :b::db::d::df: instead of performing :hcf:

The point of this post is : the normal shorcut (without gem) is not useful for Asuka most of the time so why not switch it with the help of this gem

What do you think about that ? Cheat ? Do you have this sort of “trouble” with half circle move ?

The only downside i see is the impact on shoryuken / move. Now to perform a dragon punch, you have a real shorter input . :f::df: or :f::d: instead of :dp: or :df::d::df: or :f::df::f:

Damage is important to Asuka. It’s not worth the tradeoff.

Plus I’d rather be able to start at :db:. It’s not a problem to get counter when I need it. But when I’m trying to counter from crouch position, it would be a pain to have to go to :b: first and then do the half circle. Similarly if I’m trying to do something like dash canceling hyakujitsuko ( :d::mp:, :df:, :qcb::k: would turn into :d::mp:, :df::f:, :df::d::db::k:).

Makes things more complicated in the situations where you want simplicity, and in the situations where it does help it’s not necessary.

I feel like we’re starting to make too many specific threads, adds clutter to the board. The general purpose Asuka thread is probably better-suited for things like that.

I am learning stick and my inputs are a complete mess

When you do :hcb: :f: :k:, DP will come out, and I often get that and it wrecks my head.

I also have problems CADCing st.:mk: :d::mp: but that’s all on my own end and I wouldn’t really put an easy input gem to take up a slot, that can be better used for damage or meter gems.

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m talking about. The main difficulty with the dash cancels is doing the dash fast enough but not so fast that you get hopkicks.

The easy input gem actually makes things harder by having to start at :f: which is more trouble than it’s worth when you’re trying to cancel from a crouching normal.

the thing with the gem is you can always use the old input if you want so you have acces to both input.
But my idea is not good at all in fact xD because the new input for dragon punch mess up a lot with half circle move. I got a lot of cancan by accident :frowning:

PS : i don’t plan to make a new thread everytime ^^