Easy Ex Leg Cancels

There was a thread where people expressed missing their Ex Leg cancels. Well here are two ways you’ll never miss them. Easy as… well… easy as something that’s easy. [Might be weird at first, but then becomes easier than mashing imo. Just practice slow then the speed you need will come automatically over time (1 minute)]

c.Lk xx Ex Legs : Slide from Lk to ‘3 Kicks’ then tap ‘3 kicks’/or all 3 kicks once more.
c.Mk xx Ex Legs: Slide from Mk to Lk back to ‘3 kicks’

Of course you can hit confirm these by adding c.lps or c.lks before it.

Also good way to get lk xx ex legs after hasanshu.

Hk xx Ex Legs: Tap from Hk to Lk (as if you are tapping your fingers on a table) and then double tap ‘3 kicks’/or double tap all 3 kicks.

My favorite method of Standing Close HK xx EX legs is to push HK MK LK HK MK LK all in quick succession (using my index finger for HK then sliding my thumb over the other two kicks). If it fails to give me ex, it usually gives me MK Legs or HK legs, which is okay too, but it always cancels the standing close HK

If you want to improve as a player (and maybe you don’t, but if you do), you need to rid yourself of this mentality.

The “that wasn’t the move I wanted, but I’ll take it” line of thinking will only get you so far. Gotta stop being dismissive of that kind of mistake, because when it really counts, you need to KNOW that if you want EX Legs, you’re going to get EX Legs.

Not trying to single you out or anything, just pointing something out that all players need to be aware of if they’re trying to improve their game.

You sure sound like a pro haha. Have you been competing? I’m not too confident that’s why I don’t compete, I just like good casuals for now.

I have been training for it. I don’t compete often (so far it’s just been West Coast Warzone I and II), but I plan to start soon now that I’m done with school and have more free time on the weekends. Back when I was still in undergrad, extracurriculars took up too much of my time, but that’s done with now, so I’m hoping to get a tournament career going.

I wouldn’t call myself a tournament-quality player, yet. But a lot of local pros like Keno, Mike Ross, etc. have convinced me that tournament-quality play starts with a tournament-quality mindset.

I’m still looking for a good way to cancel C.MK xx EX Legs on a 6-button stick (without the PPP/KKK buttons), since I don’t always play on 8-button sticks.

plink mk~lk, hk, plink mk~lk

For cr.MK xx EX Legs, I do

:mk:, :hk:~:mk:~:lk:, :hk:+:mk:+:lk:

for cr.lk to EX legs I double tap lk twice and then press lk+mk so it looks something like this


The combo in this case is cr.lk, cr.lk, EX Legs. It’s quite easy.

As for s.hk to EX Legs, I just slide from HK to LK and then back to 3 kick


i never got this cleared out before… =(
does the 3 kick button (the one on pad) acts as 3 separate kicks? so if i actually do lk>lk+3 kick button, ex legs will come out?

3 kicks act like one kick
2 kicks act like one kick too

The only difference is that when you use 3 kicks or 2 kicks for the 5 th input you have ex legs.

I try to stop mashing 3 kicks too early because i do too much sweep when i expect ex legs

Because of plinking the piano system in SFIV makes it easy to just piano into ex legs by drumming all 3 kicks twice.
The ones I use are the following:
**c.lk, hk~mk~lk, *(fast)*hk~mk~lk
c.mk~lk, mk~lk, *(fast)*hk~mk~lk
st.mp+mk, hk~mk~lk, *(fast)*hk~mk~lk
cl.hk~mk~lk, (fast)hk~mk~lk
It’s important you end the piano with an input you can do fast, that way it’s easier to confirm into ex legs from whichever normal you’re doing it from.
You can do pianos that are technically more accurate than these, but for me these are the easiest pianos to do to get ex legs to come out every time while also being able to confirm it.

For cr.mk to EX Legs I press MK I press MK so the attack comes out and rapidly tap HK~MK~HK~KKK. You have to this very fast so that it will combo. My middle finger is on MK and ring on HK while my pinky deals with the KKK at the end.

Whats the best method to get 1 lk xx ex legs???
I’ve no problem with the 2xlk ex legs but its a pain when i need to combo 1 lk xx ex legs after hasanshu.

@araforn try the method of skatan milla

c.lk, hk~mk~lk, (fast)hk~mk~lk

Skatan thx a lot. I will train that

For the one ON PAD - not the one on STICK (and not the one on 360 or PS3 controller, I’m talking actual MadCatz Fightpad status) - I think it does.

We’d have to ask Shizza about that, but I’m pretty sure it does count as three separate inputs.

I’m new to chun, but i want to get rid of mashing, so i was trying to
cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.lk ~lk~mk~hk, 3k button.

I did read something about that the game only needs 5 k inputs to activate legs, and the strength is of the last pressed, but i may be wrong (or may be too slow pianoing ~lk~mk~hk with my 3 fingers and then pressing 3k button with may fifth baby finger).
cr.lk, piano whatever 3 k’s, 3k button are 5 inputs, ending in 3k’s, and without any mashing… this should work… but right now i’m still failing it unless i mash a little (2 or 3 taps) the last 3k button.

Is it correct that the game needs 5 inputs to trigger the legs?? (i’ve read so many different ways of ex-legs in this forum that i’m not sure about anything anymore)

The way I get 1 lk into ex legs is piano lk~mk~hk, then plink hk~mk.

for c.lk xx ex legs i drum lk,mk,hk,lk~mk+hk
always works.
Same thing for cl.HK xx ex legs (except i start from HK ok course)

c.mk xx ex legs
mk~lk,hk,hk~mk+lk (can’t still get it 100% of the time, so often i just mash)

I don’t use x3 buttons