East Texas Bi-Monthlies #1: KOFXII, T6, SFIV: 3-6-10 Canton, TX

LDA Inc. and myself are proud to bring you what will hopefully be a recurring Bi-Montlhy series in Canton, Texas.

Name: East Texas Bi-Monthlies #1


Location: Days Inn Canton Conference Room
17299 S. I-20 Canton, Tx 75103

Registration: $10

Hours available: 8 AM to 8 PM.


**King of Fighters XII (PS3): $10 entry fee
Street Fighter IV (PS3): $10 entry fee
Tekken 6 (PS3): $10 entry fee

Format: Double Elimination

Payout: 70% 1st place 20% 2nd place 10% 3rd place

Start times:

KOFXII: 11:00 AM

SFIV: 1:00 PM

Tekken 6: 2:00 PM

-The flyer for the event is attached. More TVs, PS3 systems, consoles and games are greatly appreciated!!!

I will supply at least one copy of each game, two Tvs plus a flatscreen, two PS3s, and thus I will need more!

Hope to see Canton, Terrell, Longview, Tyler, and the rest of East Texas here!

If you have any questions feel free to post them up or contact me at darkgeese@hotmail.com.

Hope to see you there!

-Dark Geese

I’m down for this

All right man what would u be entering?

oh sweet im from nac so this is actually kinda close to me fore a change! im definatly coming

Excellent if you could spread the word sir! What games would you like to pre-reg for?

Have fun guys!!! Make sure to attend the El Paso in Feb tournament too. :rock:

i’d be playing tekken.

Okay I will be sure to put you down.

Put me down for SF4 good sir!

Edit: too bad its not on 360s cause I would have brought mine.

Double Edit: Is seth banned? Cause if he is I dont think I will be able to train my alt in time for the tourney.

Seth isn’t banned…but you all gotta supply the PS3 with him locked because at least on my PS3 I didnt play the game long enough to unlock him and Gouken lol. Everyone is legal but that’s a foreseeable issue I have right now.

Everyone I’m trying FERVENTLY to promote a high quality Tekken event at this tournament…

I’m trying to setup JRA64 vs. JOP Absolute Battle T6 BR Revenge at this tournament, and if it happens trust me I will let you all know. Just gotta get JOP confirmed because JRA64 is down. If there’s anyway you all can assist me in this endeavor let me know. I also MAY add two more tournaments and thus expand the venue but if that happens I will let you all know very very soon.


Ug you dont have Seth nor Gouken…both my main and alt >.<’

Mabye I could come early and help unlock em? I mean how many chars have you beat the arcade mode with?

I have everyone but Seth and Gouken unlocked and yes you can come unlock them feel free because I dont play SF4 lol. You are more than welcome to do that…

I’m debating whether or not to enter any of the competitions. I’ve been given the okay from the wife to attend, but I am extremely rusty at both Tekken and SFIV. koF12 I’ve not played outside of the Japanese demo. If I plan on attending (I’m gonna decide this coming weekend and take a look at financials and what the wife’s willing to do), I’ll let you guys know on Monday.

Okay please keep me posted!

momo champion will be there for sure since its so close even though i only play ps3 im starting to get use to the ps3 cus of my friend though

Well everything will be on PS3. What should I sign you up for sir?

all of sf4 tekken and kof even though idk how to play kof really well it will be fun though so who cares

Okay I’ll put you down!!!

I’d like to suggest a Blazblue exhibition to go on the list of events. Anyway that can happen??

Yessir, if you can supply it then we can do it!