East Coast new player netplay gaming group! 3rd Strike and Melty blood

Hi! My friend and I have recently started a new player gaming group for 3rd strike and Melty blood! We are looking for other newbies to advance with. We don’t really have any meetings or anything we just play randomly but our goal is to organize a nice group so we can have meetings.

If you are interested just send me a PM and I’ll hook you up with info! Thank you!

Gaming group?

You mean a clan? A server?

(On a side note i’ve heard alot of aweseomness revolving around melty blood, is there a version we can play online?)

I would be down i sux in sf3 so it would be cool 2 get 2 playing it

Yes there’s a pc version with netplay I’ll hook you up if you are still interested!

and Night wing i’ll send you info

Yes you can play Melty Blood Act Cadenza Version B online.

Have fun guys

sign me up too, been trying to find people to play melty blood