Easiest character Injustice and UMVC3

I’am new to fighting games just picked up the arcade stick for the 360 got the pro cross.

So who is the easiest to learn in Injustice and what team is the easiest to learn in UMVC3?

Hi, welcome.

For Injustice I would recommend Superman, Aquaman, or Green Lantern, but really you should just play who you like! Injustice is made to be a very easy game, there aren’t many hard combos like in UMvC3.

A Marvel team is a little harder to suggest, since you might have difficulty performing the combos with any team. I would recommend just making a team with high easy damage from DHC’s and good assists, don’t worry too much about mobility or mixup potential. Nova, Skrull, Nemesis, Deadpool, Zero, Dormammu, Wolverine, X-23, Taskmaster, Captain America, Iron Man, Haggar are some characters I would consider. Just pick a combination you like where their assists cover each other well, and their hyper combos chain together for lots of damage.

Good luck!

For Marvel?..Uhm.

If you put in some work. You could just pick a braindead, ridiculously good team that is:

Wolverine / Doom / Vergil

That’s essentially a “How to learn Marvel and rob wins” team.

I think Doom is quite possibly the worst character to recommend to a new player, because playing with his assist is totally different from playing without it, and because he’s one of the most difficult characters to play. He’s not asking for a random top-tier team, he’s new and asking what team will best help him learn the game correctly.

Call standard assists, use basic combos and DHC’s for damage, that’s the best way.

Man, obviously Hulk, Wesker, Sentinel, Haggar, Wolverine. Best characters for beginners, and you can easily beat intermediate players and pros who don’t really know what they’re doing. Hulk, Sentinel, Haggar is what I call Team Scrub. Spam Haggar lariat assist, standing hard with Hulk/H Gamma Charge, Instant overhead to S and armor moves with sentinel. They all have easy to do combos and net big damage, if all you’re looking for is easy wins. If you really want to learn the game, try to find a balance between characters you like but are still viable and make a team out of em.

Wesker/Hulk/Sentinel, team online aka team bad connection :rofl: