Easier supers?

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, or knows but it doesn’t seem like it. But because of the screwy buffers in CVS2 you can get away with doing supers a lot easier (well, to me anyway). For example with Chun-li you can just :df: :mp: :qcf: pick a kick and it will hit and cancel into super. Same thing with Sagat’s db+fp qcb + pick a button for a super.

It could just be me that can’t cancel quick enough but it’s the only way I can ever get sagat’s d+lk, lp,lp,dmk,qcbx2+kick super to all connect hits wise. I have to do d+lk,lp,lp,db+mk,qcb kick.

Basically I figured out any direction that doesn’t have a move in you can cheat a super like this, well as long as the initial df+button doesn’t have a move in that direction with the corresponding button such as fireballs, hurricane kicks, etc.

Just looking for feedback and basically just trying to help :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m spent.

Have you done this in training and verified the inputs?

Sagat is one of the easiest characters to pull off the supers.

are you playing in a joystick or a pad?

Yes, of course I verified it :stuck_out_tongue: Try it for yourself. Oh yeah and I play on a stick, but it works with a pad too.

uhhh maybe you have one of the “bad batches” of p360s :confused: . they have shitty diagonals, so it inputs multiple commands and everything goes crazy when you hit it. a friend of mine had one. but then i guess that kinda stuff would show up on the training keys wouldnt it?

I’m pretty sure it’s just the buffers. Same reason with ryu you can do a hcf and hit fierce punch at down and continue to forward and it will do the punch and throw a fireball with one button push.

those are 2 seperate issues… you’re talking about negative edge… he’s talking about simplified inputs.

I noticed that with Sagat too, Sagat’s supers are easy hell to buffer into. It’s kind of a annoying when you don’t want to super and he throws out random super with a full meter.

For me its hard to do super is Syotokan characters.

it always cancels in DP I dont know why?

Cuz with shoto DP you can stop at DF and hit a punch and it’ll come out, to super you have to go all the way to forward and then hit the punch. It’s like RC’ing uppercuts, you have to hit the roll at F or D and then hit the punch at DF or F for it to work right. Easiest way to fix it, don’t rush the punch button. Be sure you’re at F before you smack it.

That’s false. Any qcf, qcf super (other than Dan’s super taunt) can be stopped at the second df motion.

I stand corrected. But can you at least back me up on the whole df then qcf working for easy hit into super cancel?

Kind of reminds me of how I do the running raging storm, I run while holding d/f, you are still able to run, if they jump I insert from the d/f, d,d/b,b, and the HCB,d/f+p.

Fight On:nunchuck:

Alex Valley:
I’ve tried numerous times now, and I’m not having any success using the input method you described to do double fireball motion supers. I’m 100% postitive the stick I’m playing on works perfectly as well. I will attest that whenever I want a DP motion move, I’m almost always deliberately inputing df, d, df+button instead of the the regular f, d, df+button though.

Outside of using super projectiles as anti-air, I don’t think short cut motions are really needed for supers anyway. Comboing supers by simply pressing the button, quickly and always buffering a single quarter circle motion, and then another fireball motion plus button on the hit confirmation is easy enough. It takes time in training mode to learn how to do what you want consistently that’s all. Once you’re comfortable with the motions, comboing into supers becomes so second nature that you barely even move your wrist anymore whenever you do it.

My guess is that you’re probably hitting down on your stick as well whenever you hit down-forward. It’s sort of like the trick DP motion of hitting df instead of f. You’re not really hitting just df, but you probably have a microsecond of the f motion in there as well (and that’s why your crouching DP works). In your case, you probably have a d motion stuck in there somewhere.

Ok, I’m just explaining this like shit I guess. I should’ve named the thread easier cancels but whatever. Ok, let me try and rephrase and make it less… whatever it is now.

Lets say for example you are Chun Li, you have a super. If you dash/run in and press :df: :mp: :qcf: :lk: It will do her low medium punch, then cancel into a super without doing 2 qcf’s. It also works if you do :d: :lp: :lp: * :df: :mp: :qcf: :lk: but that’s almost doing qcfx2.

Another example would be Ken, :df: :hk: :qcf: +kick he’ll do the trip and shouryu reppa super.

I just thought I would mention it because it’s easy as hell for me to run in with chun li, df+mp, qcf+kick and do mp poke to super.

To my knowledge and testing it will only work if the character doesn’t have a qcf(or qcb) move in the direction of the df/db with whatever button you start the combo with. IE: with cammy you can df+fp, qcf+kick and do fp super, but if you df+kick and try it she’ll usually arrow, however db+kick, qcb+kick will do kick, cancel into shaft breaker or whatever it’s called.

I in no way meant that you could df,qcf+button to substitute for a qcfx2 super. I could just be completely insane and have somehow it works for me or I’m just doing the 2 qcf’s but I hope I’m not a moron and that I put forth something useful. That or it counts it for some odd buffering reason, hell I got other people to do it in person and agree. It’s really the only way I’ve been able to get people to combo supers that I’ve just gotten into the game, but if Valle says I’m nuts I’m nuts :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope I explained it better, that it works, and mostly that it’s useful.

I’m explanationed out.

Chunli c.mp then super is easier than Shoyotokan c.mk then Super.

I played shoyotokan today and then I found out to connect the c.mk to super is d,df,f,uf.mk then d,df,f.(super)

I did this numerous times and it works perfectly.

doing kcxj qcfx2 takes a lot of time to pull-off a super.

maybe then issue here is the different joystick we used. IMO

turn on your key display. The ONLY shortcut in the game for qcfx2 motions is certain supers allow you omit the last forward motion:

This works for certain supers.

This does not work. Again, turn on your key display.