Easier execution characters?

I pretty much narrowed down my choices of a main to E. Honda, Ibuki, Yun, Balrog, or Rufus ( I am very indecisive they all appeal to me in some way). However as a beginner I don’t want a character that is to execution heavy. Out of these 5 characters could you list them in order who is less execution heavy to who is most? Thanks in advance! It would also really help if you guys can give me a quick summary of each character play style that I listed.

The only characters that aren’t execution heavy is Balrog and Rufus. All characters require good execution to play at a high level but Balrog would be the best character to play in my opinion. He’s a solid character, great for beginners, and has all the tools you need. I would elaborate more but im on my phone, I definitely recommend Balrog.

just pick whoever you like, execution is so damn trivial at your level

The thing you need to understand is that every character has a high execution requirement to do max damage in all circumstances. What you’re really looking for is a character that you can learn the basics on without the requirement of combos or at least not difficult ones.

Yun would be a terrible choice for a beginner. Without having his bnbs down solid, his dive kick and command grab (tools that are central to his game) are useless. His super is useless without being able to perform a long combo that must be altered depending on the situation.

Balrog would be an excellent choice. He can be somewhat effective without any combos at all. He has an incredibly easy bnb and punish combo. His super and ultra are extremely easy to combo into. That said, at a high level every single one of his max damage combos has 1 frame links, just like most characters.

thawk and honda

Balrog’s your best choice for sure. Yun is execution easy, but he isn’t an ideal character to start with. Some of Rufus’s BnB’s are 1 frame links, same thing for Ibuki (I think), and you’d have to learn how to piano for Honda.