Hey y’all,

I’ve been shopping for earphones and am just asking around for people’s opinion. I need something inconspicuous like earbuds and such. I’ve had the Phillips SHE6000/28 before and thought they were great. Although these were great, I’ve been looking around if there was anything a bit performance/higher end worth the money on the market.

It seems Bose’s IE2 are famous while I’ve looked into Thinksound’s line-up. Other than that, I don’t know too much about earphones.

Can y’all give me your opinions, experiences and such?

There used to be a thread with a ton of info about this, but I can’t access anymore/was deleted since the forum upgrade.

I don’t think you can go wrong with anything sennheiser.

Beats by Dr. Dre, close thread.

Reopen thread.


Bought my first pair six years ago, haven’t gone back since.


I like Audio Technica’s stuff. Very clear sound.

I’m going to assume you’re kidding?

Been browsing Audio Technica’s shop. Wish I had more money. :bluu:

buying skullcandy’s is like wanting your earbuds to short within a months time

I bought Skull Candy’s a few years ago on sale and they were okay for what I paid but they’re purely style over substance. Carelessly left them out one day though and my puppy chewed the wires up bad. Gives me an excuse to shop around anyway.

looks like srk has some heavy BALLERS in herrrrr

I need some tips on taking care of mine. Every couple of months I have to get a new pair and it’s very annoying. At some point I lose sound on one end and later on in both. At first I used to wrap them around my MP3 but switched to keeping the cords straight but it doesn’t seem to matter. I don’t want to spend too much money and I usually don’t. I spend about 15 to 30 bucks per pair and once I bought a pair of Monster’s for 50. So how do I extend the “life” of my earphones?

You can get good headphones from AT for like $120 on Amazon. Waaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than beats.

Either go for Sennheiser or Bose though Creative earphones are pretty good as well.

You buy earphones that are around $60-$80 from a company that doesn’t overprice their shit like Monster.

You just will not get long lasting ear-phones for cheap. If you are paying 30 every 3-4 months, might as well save up, and get a good pair that will last you years.

Went from the Westone UM1 to the Westone 4. Enormous difference in sound quality. I was shocked at how much better everything sounded. I thought my UM1s sounded good, but once I got the 4s, the UM1s sounded like little tin cans. Still, the 4s cost a ton, so if you don’t listen to music often, spending that much is probably not worth it. To me, the drastic improvement in sound quality was worth the price. Before I got the 4s, I never thought I’d say that about such expensive earphones.

For cheaper options, the Fischer Audio DBA 02 and Head Direct RE0 are excellent choices.

I use Beyerdynamics DT 770 PRO. Clear and sweet bass quality. Plus, they can double as ear muffs in the winter with the felted ear cups.

Yeah, gotta pay up for quality. Not surprised at that one bit. But what about personal care?

Monster Turbines are boss and not over priced. Don’t listen to Gasarookie.

Hey y’all, I appreciate everyone’s input. With the research that I have done thanks to everyone’s input, I’ve decided to go with these: ATH-CK7ASV Titanium In-Ear Headphones

Sweet dude. I use these myself: http://www.audio-technica.com/cms/headphones/3a7a722cee1e3fe9/index.html

amazing sound for clip-ons

I really want to get those clip-ons but there’s a looming postal strike headed my way so if I order them now I might not see them forever.