Earn that hand clap (the Brawl match vid thread)

Theory fighter is fun but actual game play ultimately decides if characters are as good/bad as everyone believes and if nothing else i’m sure we’ll get a few WTF LOL moments.

Yall know what to do i’ll get it started.

This weekend I attended i-con, spending friday night and most of saturday running and playing in several brawl tournaments (2 32 man double elims, a 32 man single elim, 40 man 2v2 double elim, roundrobin, and a few hours of casuals). My boy fucked up bigtime and forgot to bring an EMPTY sd card X_X, next time i’m brining my own camera and recording everything myself.

After nearly 10 hours of nonstop brawl we only managed to get a few minutes worth of recorded footage:mad: Oh well i’l just put up what little I have. I apologize for the shitty quality and sound it’s kinda hard to record anything when you get mugen, GH3, rockband, n cadenza tourney’s running at the same time as brawl.


[media=youtube]c1O4CQ8UEyE[/media] single elim finals i’m the blue mk.


(Yes a dk player won a 32 player tourney:sweat:)


(Dude was talking shit to my boy so they did it up in an epic CASH BATTLE SON!

After winning 2 of the tourney’s on the bigscreen I had countless people bitching at me for spamming tornado saying shit like I"don’t play fair", “I shouldn’t be allowed to use the same move that many times”, “I don’t know how to fight with honor” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Most of the people sucked ass or were medicore at best but a handful of 10-15 players were beastly as hell easily just as good if not better then me or anyone here on srk.

EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=Rockeits <----lotsa good ish to be found here.

Nigga stole mah joke. :frowning:

Could I possibly suggest just taking a big(gish) SD card and just saving the replay data onto it? Maybe not all the players would do that, but at least you would have your matches saved for recording later.

Would have been nice to have a ‘save all replays to card’ feature when in tournament mode, so when the match ends, it would automatically copy.

Of course, you’d want to get the organizer’s permission first, but I’d figure that’s a given.

The players might cooperate if you told them you were saving them for posting on youtube or something.

Your thoughts?

Nice videos. Always makes me feel so sad however, the skill of those players. And my own scrub level still present…

lol…a DK winning a tournament, im not that surprised heh heh

not bad vids, wasnt amazing, but i approve

and lol at “fighting with honor”, just because you play Meta Knight, doesnt mean you have to play the part.

Less crappy cam, more direct feed

I added a vid of me on the OP.

My first time playing brawl and using a classic controller in the nyc prerelease tournament:[media=youtube]TXL-DmnOA6c&feature=related[/media]
I didn’t even use tornado or upB once I had no idea what I was doing:rofl:

T8 from the same tournament: (Like me most of the people in this tourney never played brawl or used a classic controller so that explains the lack of skill in t8)

[media=youtube]3lk3gt7Hcys&feature=related[/media] Different players who happened to pick the same ppl as the players in the first match
[media=youtube]3xLC-HQc-Co[/media] <—losers of the first 2 matches

Start recording your matches and posting them here especially the ones from any of our future srk tournaments.

lol at the guy in the 2nd video saying no one knows how much they want Link to win. Personally, I felt that way too. xd

Damynnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, son!

How can I convert bin files to mpeg/avi?
I tried uploading some brawl replays onto youtube from my sd card, but the Wii has them in that bin file type.

I’d suggest a capture card. The replay data is more like a Kaillera recording. It only records input, and likely starting positions on each stage. You’d want to hook the Wii up to the card so you can play the data and record it to a video.

  1. Link them to Sirlin’s PTW
  2. Watch them cry
  3. Play them again when they’ve got "honor"
  4. Profit.

Always works for me :lol:

Yeah, that’d be a cool feature, and I’d probably ask this of all tourneys I’d go to, but I bought a 2GB SD card just for this purpose. It actually saves a ton of replays, like 250+

However, I’ve got another recording method:

You can’t at the moment; although Snapshot conversion has been done, replay conversion hasn’t been cracked yet.

QFMFT. However, for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a capture card, or don’t want to learn how to use one (Myself :lol:), I’d suggest the Adaptec Gamebridge. It’s what I use, and it’s cheap and easy.

What I do for recordings is either directly record matches using the gamebridge when I have it set up (no time limit for recording like with replays that way), or I save replays when I don’t have ready access to my gamebridge, and then record them from the replays section of Brawl when I get the chance.

And you can see the gamebridge’s recording quality and some of my vids here.

Some more matches:


I upload my videos here:


From the online tournament earlier tonight:

atreusna VS Fat Otaku (Match 1)
atreusna VS Fat Otaku (Match 2)
atreusna VS Fat Otaku (Match 3)
atreusna VS Gadra (Match 1)
atreusna VS Gadra (Match 2)
atreusna VS Gadra (Match 3)
atreusna VS Gadra (Match 4)
Fat Otaku VS nasir (Match 2)
Fat Otaku VS nasir (Match 3)
Fat Otaku VS nasir (Match 4)
nasir VS Margalis (Match ?)
Lavi VS Septimus Prime (Match 1?)
Lavi VS Septimus Prime (Match 2?)
Lavi VS Septimus Prime (Match 3?)
Lavi VS Septimus Prime (Match 4?)

nasir VS Margalis (Match ?)
nasir VS Margalis (Match ?)
Forte VS nasir (Match ?)
Forte VS nasir (Match ?)
Septimus Prime VS ??? (Match 1?)
Septimus Prime VS ??? (Match 2?)
Septimus Prime VS ??? (Match 3?)
Septimus Prime VS ??? (Match 4)

Good games Atreusna. Out third match will be one I will never forget.

From the tourney last night:



wtf @ stages

Read the rules of the srk tournies, and why mr.wiz wants it that way.

solid metaknight not bad zoolander keep at it and remember “honor is nice but sometimes it gets in the way”