EA Sports: MMA

So the demo for the game is up on PSN and XBL (i think).

What are your impressions and comparisons to the UFC games?

Graphically it shits all over it but how are you guys finding the mechanics in comparison?

I thought it was pretty cool. The submission mini-games are nice. Though i’m still not used to using the right stick for punching and kicking.

I haven’t played yet but I played Fight Night Round 4, which is the same engine used for this game. If it’s anything like FNR4, then it should be very fun but not realistic, which is perfectly fine… since it’s very fun.

There were updates released for fnr4 that made the stamina deplete faster which actually made it less fun than before and you couldn’t throw wild combos. Realism isn’t always the way to go imo

I really don’t like the whole right stick controls your punches/kicks thing. And I was hoping I could change the rules to PRIDE rules so I can stomp on lashley’s face.

I was just playing the demo, and it wasn’t fun to me at all compared to the UFC game. A big part of that was due to the fact the Tutorial in this game was absolute garbage. I hate the right stick being used for striking. It’s completely awkward to me, and also unsatisfying as compared to hitting a button to get a hit. It seems so much more natural to mash a button and get a strike, that shit is almost ingrained in you, after playing fighting games and beat 'em ups and pretty much every other game type in the world.

I played one match after the tutorial and couldn’t figure out how to get Lashley’s huge retard baby head off of me after one take down and I ended up getting punched out. : / I don’t know if it has to do with letting him deplete his stamina lower than yours then trying to get out with triangle, or what. I didn’t really feel any great desire to keep experimenting though.

So basically, demo left a pretty bad taste in my mouth. It looked nicer than Undisputed, but Undisputed demo definitely was more fun to me.

I’m getting the feeling that everybody missed the ability to change to “classic controls”. I was kind of disappointed with the demo after throwing punches with the stick even though I was willing to give it a chance. But when I changed the controls… Hoooly! The stand up game is the best I’ve ever seen.

But, but, but I thought you sent me an XBL message telling me to demo EA MMA? I could be wrong about that :rofl:

it’s so that you can unlock OG Randy.

but yeah my biggest complaint about the game is that all my strikes have no “weight” when they connect. I don’t feel like i’m hitting them at all ever lol.

i haven’t played the demo, but analog punch is WAAAAAAAAY more natural/realistic than the old button-style.

ohi agree, but it never feels like my character has any power behind his punches.

just played EA MMA. Punching system is like Fight Night which is great. Very easy to string together combos. Totally lost on the ground though

I think the controls are fine, I have no issues doing something like 1-2 then fake into td.

grappling controls(the controller vibrates when you need to respond with anything below)

a: advance position ( this is takedown. passing guard to half guard/side control/mount or from being mounted into half guard etc)
b: deny position advancement (they shoot in on you, it stuffs the td. They try to pass guard it keeps them in there)
y: stand back up (weird reversal timings on this in some situations)

you have other little nice touches that i appreciate like parrying and wrist control(which can be advanced upon). The grappling system isnt perfect but it isnt the fireball wars that it is in ufc(i know im not the only one that kept getting accidental north south from side control while trying to mount). But then again to capture the realism in grappling, I expect their subsequent installment to improve upon it.

eh im leaving work but when I get home ill comment on this further. Plus landing Ubereem flying knee is rewarding in itself

Rock I understand when I first started playing the demo I was like “WTF I cant stop the Lashley takedown!” was ready to delete the demo, until a friend came over and I was able to decipher the gameplay a bit further. After dorking around for a bit I was bitching that stopping takedowns were to easy (just press b at the right time, or x if your UBEREEM for the reem-a-tine) fuck around with a bit more fake td into overhands (they catch you sprawled good night irene!) and your able to mix it up a bit more and gain a little more semblance of style. you can feel the unpolishness of it in areas but like has been said its based on a earlier build. Once you get the hang of controls you can complain that you can smother someone a whole round (if you can bring someone into your guard and deny advancement on either part 2-3 times big john stands you back up[sometimes i think they point of the easy grappling sub system is because i think the game pushes the fight standing more than anything. AO picks up apart lashley standing easily but get faked into sprawling overhand right into gnp pretty quick for the W) try to just pepper punches on people time it right you can reversal/grab a wrist/work submission. Maybe its because I am such a huge combat sports mark that I was taking my time deciphering shit. If people would like to discuss this game im all for it and hopefully ppl buy it when it comes out. I want to be the srk strikeforce champ lol

with AO just d+x on every shot or B at the right time for the stuff and knee and its ggpo ashley. but if you get the mixup with lashley right its pretty biff


well i was able to play a “copy” last night, shinya aoki gets wrist control from guard and its wacky submission time

well I guess this thread was started way to early hopefully there is some popoff once it drops


UFC>MMA (although it is a demo off an early build). I liked using TPC (right stick to attack) in the fight night series, however, the way EA implemented for this game just doesn’t feel right.

I liked how FNR4 made body punches easier (no LT/L1 needed to do body shots). They should have kept that and complement that with the kick mod button.

However, there is a reason why I did not buy ufc 2010 and why I might get MMA. Online in ufc 2010, like 2009 was, is a mess. Lag, cheating, dc, etc. Not saying EA servers are perfect, but much better then the Gamespy servers ufc uses.

Alright guys so the game is out now. Ive had it since launch. In some aspects I like the gameplay over the UFC game but the lack of an expansive roster and easy AI kind of bring it down. Im also a bit disappointed in how shitty the character creation is compared to the fight night games. The gameface thing doesnt really work too well and its hard to get a dude looking like you.

Im getting alot more used to the stick for striking and may actually prefer it now and I think the ground game is alot better than in the UFC. Another thing that I really like is the inclusion of Japanese and Brazilian rules (headstomps and groundkicks)

One other thing I dont really like is that once you’ve been hit with a decent combo or two in succession in anything over middleweight youre pretty much fucked hahaha. There also seems to be alot less occurances Flash KO’s which is a shame because those are always fun…

They also could have included bellator as a tournament mode of sorts or some other recognizable organizations.

The next game in this series should be pretty dope though if they aquire more rights to fighters and leagues.

so you don’t like the fact that you eat a few combos and youre fucked, but you like eating 1 shot and getting fucked?