E-Smokers Thread

I’m thinking of making the switch to the E-Smokes, they have taken Houston by storm.

Quite a few of my friends have either quit using them or switched over totally.

I’m 28 now and have been smoking Newports since I was 13 - Now I’m starting to cough up random shit and I don’t like it too much.

Anybody have any experience with the e-cigs?, I’ve mostly heard they get the job done for the most part but some say they just don’t cut it after a meal.


Here’s a thought. Quit fuckin smokin.

You must smell pretty bad… Just quit smoking. Save money, and your health.

Hence the switch - trying to step it down bit by bit, the ultimate goal is to quit smoking.

I think the best is cold turkey. I had a friend who got bad headaches from these things.

Be strong man. Just put it down.

Try the chantix, its the easiest way to quit.

you gotta pull hard as fuck to get a hit on one of those things, i could see it giving someone a headache easily. honestly these got me more ripped than my default cig (marlboro 27s), so it may not be the best avenue for actually breaking your nicotine addiction.

i’d grab a box of nicorette, or the generic alternative. $30 at walgreens & they got me off cigs, feels nice to breathe again. also, smooth ride down, no fiending/cravings along the way, makes it much easier to taper your dose of nicotine day to day.

if you’re trying to quit then just stop smoking. but if you wanna be done with cigarettes then go for it!

Just keep smoking. Nothing is as good as the real deal, and quitting makes you fat.

are they really that popular? that sucks. i use Blu cigs because they look cool. I use the ones with no nicotine so i cant really say much about the flavor or effect, but the sure are good female conversation starters

It doesn’t work that way. SOME people may be able to do that but the vast majority of people need help. That’s like telling a drug addict “just quit”.

This is how I quit. Easy, painless and no withdrawals.

I suggested Chantix to someone the other day and they told me “Nah man, I don’t like putting chemicals in my body” as he lit up another cigarette.

I wonder if you can rig these things to vaporize weed…

During my short, short stint as a smoker(few months), out of curiosity i tried two electric cigarette brands. Luci and the Blu cigs and they were lame.

They all tout the benefits of the E-cig and the bad stuff it lacks, but what few don’t realize is a good chunk of the sensation and “high” one gets on a cig is due to those excess toxins and stuff. Its not just the nicotine!

To try and compensate, some makers try to pack more concentrated amounts of nicotine in the e-cig than what would normally be in a real one, but the result still feels LAME.

I guess its like drinking a protein shake to substitute for eating a steak, you still get the protein but its nowhere near as satisfying. I suggest you try your friend’s e-cigs to see if you care for it.

Cold turkey or you’re just being a wuss.

or you could just get a vaporizer and not worry about it haha

I’ve been using the Prodigy V2 from puresmoker and it’s better than the real deal. I’ve used 501’s in the past and any of those ecigs that aren’t high voltage are a joke.

Also, I direct drip and use Halo Juice.

Smoke free for almost five months now :smiley:

Nobody likes a quitter.

since becoming terminally ill, ive upped my smoking to four or five packs a day. im much happier these days. e-cigs are a joke.

OP, just quit cold turkey. I only smoked for a year and a half but it was still very difficult to stop. I kept trying random shit like having a small ration of cigarettes at work instead of bringing my whole pack but I end up bumming some off my co-workers. I even tried switching from Marlboro Reds to Lights but that didn’t help at all. I tried quitting by toning my smoking down multiple times but it didn’t work. When I realized that for that I had never been as unhealthy as when I started smoking and I did the math for how much money I’d save if I quit I then decided to quit cold turkey. It was tough but at least I can look back and feel like I accomplished something.