E Honda Daily Stream

I have been playing street fighter casually since I was in grade 2
Just finally decided to start playing a lot more than I used to
this forum has been really great in helping me
Please check out my stream and see if you can help me out some more! I still have tons to learn and I really want to improve.


so it turns out that my equipment may not be good enough to stream live while actually playing, there appears to be too much of a delay, so i will just be casting from replays as much as i can. here’s tbe first replay pack from last night, some gold matches in there.


http://j-tv.me/xt3Yzn here is my justin tv one streaming from my laptop wayyyy less laggy kinda bad qual though :frowning: seems to work fine and is watchable

Hello, I was unable to get this running due to my internet connection before, but now that I am living in Europe w/ better internet and have a better computer everything is working fine. Please check out my stream and follow me on twitch.tv , top 100 Ranked Honda worldwide. will be streaming 2AM-3AM + 2PM-3PM EST (8-9AM + 8-9PM CET) and when I can on Sundays.<div><br></div><div>www.twitch.tv/rawbertson</div>