Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Bomber, found guilty on all 30 accounts

Seventeen of thirty accounts are eligible for the death penalty. Safe to say that he’ll probably get it, which is pretty justified if you ask me. Sentencing should be soon.

Not surprising. For a case of this magnitude, the jury didn’t really deliberate all that long. If he gets the death penalty he’ll be lucky; I never understood why anyone would rather have life in prison than the death penalty.

To be fair, I doubt he’d live out his sentence in prison if he does get a life sentence. I’m sure lots of people there want to fuck him up. At the same time, if he does get the death penalty, I hope he media doesn’t make a huge deal about it (which they probably will anyways) since he probably wants to be a martyr anyways.

Shocking his “well, yes I did do it, but I did it very innocently” defense did not work.

That defense is really to try and get him spared the death penalty. We’ll see whether or not that happens. Personally I don’t care either way. He’s going to die in prison regardless.

>kills 3 people with house-hold cooking devices.
>plant accidentally blows up 2 days later, and kills 60 people.
>the former is a bigger tragedy than the latter.


Good. Fucking piece of shit.

Lol I assumed he was sentenced to death already.

Good, glad that’s over.

The goal for the defense throughout the trial is to avoid the death penalty, focusing the blame on the dead brother.

Tsarnaev’s lawyer, Judy Clarke, has performed many miracles in keeping scumbags alive, including the unabomber.

(Unrelated: I wonder why every post is showing “about a month ago” as its time all of a sudden.)

Yeah, his defense lawyer didn’t really have a better defense to mount, so I can’t fault her for going with that bullshit argument, especially since someone had to “defend” him anyway. It’s not like the court system actually cares about justice or truth after all, only who argues best and his position was too undermined from the get-go for her or anyone else save for Mentok the Mindtaker to ever do that. He was just too much of a coward to plead actually “guilty”, so we had this farce of a trial, but what’s surprising there.

This is mostly why I want him to get sentenced to life in prison since it’s rather unlikely he’ll live that long through it anyway and even if he does, he’ll be forgotten by the time he dies, as it should be. This as opposed to wasting even more money with all of the likely appeals that would take place during the at least a decade it would take for him to be “properly” executed on death row anyway, which he’ll probably use despite wanting to be a martyr.

Meh. Whatever happens doesn’t affect me anyway, but I’d at least like to think that the judge might possibly savvy enough to consider such things, even with as horrible a realistic view of current American prison system as it paints. I somewhat doubt it though, so don’t be surprised if he gets the “worse” sentence of death row.

Here’s the thing, while yeah no one would bat an eye if he were to get the DP (lol…)… I think that fucker wants to be seen as a ‘martyr’ still.

Fuck that, give em life, put his ass in a SuperMax prison (cause really, that’s where he’ll end up regardless) and let em rot in permanent solitary confinement. Don’t give em death, that’s what the little scummy McScum wants.

Or… even better. Fake the lethal injection, making sure he’s declared ‘dead’ to the public at large… and give em the Resident Evil mad scientist treatment. Some of the better breakthroughs in medicine and health have always came from human guinea pigs volunteers.

Why was there even trials and shit? Waste of time and money. Should have killed the guy the same day of the incident and make an example of him. Public execution broadcast all over the world. You wanna pull shit like this? Take a look at what will happen to you.

It’s a shame everyone these days are a bunch of sensitive pussies.

Keep him alive in a prison and donate his organs and limbs to people in need until he’s nothing left. B)

Saudi Arabia performs public executions on a consistent basis, with little to no trials for the defendants. Maybe you should move over there if you want that type of Justice system.

In the case of this asshole, can you honestly sit there and tell me he has any kind of defense? I’ll answer that for you… No.

I doubt they’d put him in with the general population if he got life.

What does this have to do with this trial, besides absolutely nothing?

Nevermind. You obviously don’t pay attention to jack shit.

Fuck that. Last thing we need is a former terrorist to become fucking Nemesis.


This is all I had.

I actually had forgotten about that incident considering in the later years it appeared to be overshadowed by the Michael Brown/Darren Wilson shooting which were followed by the Ferguson riots, the Paris Bombings, and the ISIS recruiting and ransom-murders, but then again that’s how news work.

Taking his transgressions into account, the death penality is a viable option.