DVC Thread Concord/Pleasant Hill The 925

Here at DVC we don’t have any arcade machines, but we do have a recreation room with 4 TVs.

The reason I’m making this thread is because I see people playing SF4, 3S, Melee, KOF, and even Arcana Heart random at times of the week.

Let’s get down an organized list of what people bring to DVC and when.
Maybe we can get some tournaments started if enough people start showing up.

Spring 0’10 list:
Ray brings PS2, DC, or 360: MVC2, KOF 2002 UM, 3S, Guilty Gear, and MB: AA on Monday-Thursday from 9AM-12PM.
Eric brings Wii: Melee, Brawl, and Brawl+ on Monday-Thursday from 9:30AM-2PM.

If you want me to update the OP with the games you’re bringing and when, just post here.

Diablo Valley College
321 Golf Club Rd, Pleasant Hill

Recreation room is downstairs in the Student Union room.
It’s the building is labeled SU.

i will also be there every tuesday and thursday playing sf4 and making fun of smash players.

where is DVC located? please put the location in the thread title

Diablo Valley College yo! At least, I am pretty sure that is what he means. In Concord/Pleasant Hill. The 925

Sorry Albert. Thanks Sosage, you nailed it.

Edit: Updated thread title.

http://www.dvc.edu/pdfs/CampusMapPHC.pdf the building is labeled as SU…and yeah i’ll be there passing through LVC’s projectiles n shit

too bad im playing viper now mr. chun ri
edit: viper 24/7
edit 2: 7 days a week
edit 3: fuck you

Lol. I’m not there Fridays
Monday and Wednesdays are my long days in class so I’m not in the rec.room for more than an hour.

Tuesdays and or Thursdays are best if you wanna meet with me to play PS2 stuff.
(occasional 360)

Also you should mention just in case that since everything is console stuff…
people who do want to visit should bring their own sticks or stuff just in case.

Also remember it’s a School Campus so no playing for money or bringing liquor or drugs.

I’d come through to play KOF on Fridays, but 12PM cutoff = sadness :frowning:

He made a mistake with the initial post, The Kof isn’t going to be there on Fridays.

Should also mention that MB:AA is available, sometimes.

Im going to try and come down and make it to one of these i swear.

let me know when this happens. i’m a huge faggot

:nono: daddddddd

fake edit: jk dude

Updated, thanks.

Tuesday. Street Fighter IV, be there.

ill try to make it too, i used to goto DVC waaay back

Once again, if you come down, try to bring your own stick and so on.

There are only three truly functioning TV’s available, so if you feel like it you can probably bring a console also if you want to have a better chance at playing the game that you want.

Room closes at 6PM IIRC, no exceptions.

I bring 2 Sanwa-modded HRAP3s for SF4, so no one needs to bring sticks for that.
The room closes at 7PM.

im bring my laptop and two usb sticks for 3s tomorrow! FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE!

i have to bump this

edited the OP because the rec room people are now kicking us out at 5PM on Thursdays.

Also, the list of games is very small right now because I only have class Tuesday and Thursday.
I’ll stop by DVC on Monday and update the list.

There’s not much difference on Mondays/Wednesdays.
Ray might bring something, but it’s not guaranteed since he has a huge block of classes that day.
Smash is almost always going to be there, anything else is not consistent enough to be listed.