DustBowl 4: put up or shut up June 23rd

Quick rundown on Dustbowl 4


  1. Jug (buffalo)
  2. Tony G (buffalo
  3. Minh (Rochester)

Marvel vs Capom 3

  1. Flux (NYC)
  2. PolishMafia (Syracuse)
  3. Kazz (Albany)
  4. Damus (Syracuse)

Soul Caliber 5

  1. Lord Savior (NYC)
  2. Kazz (Albany)

King Of Fighters 13

Eltro won the Ran bat

5v5 UMVC3 Albany vs Syracuse
Syracuse won
final score 13-8

Thank u everyone from Upstate for coming out and supporting the community …really greatful and cant wait for the next one

Thanks to Louis for the free money.
a word of advice bro. Just play the characters you like and put Doom in the back. that will be the best way for you to have a solid consistent team that you will be good with.

Callouts to Damus, for dodging me and not giving me free money, and playing his side teams against me and getting bopped, and then getting trash talked into playing his real teams and getting bopped some more.

However, shout outs to damus for a sweet tournament and for paying my entry for SC and Marvel.

call outs to whoever made my SC bracket… I went 1 and 2, losing to polish mafia and lordsavior… how does that happen? lose to 1st and 3rd place and get like 9th, while the dude I beat first round gets 4th? what?

shoutouts to lord savior tho. for recording and playing side characters on me and getting bopped and then whipping out the (shouldnt really be a) surprise Nightmare in our tournament set.

shoutouts again to lord savior for having 10 hp left in game 5 of match 5 of our set, guarding breaking me, and then pulling a 65% combo to win the match.
yo, fk nightmare.

call outs to everyone that placed higher than me in marvel, but wouldnt money match me. all yall nigs wack.

shout outs to dan for driving and taking me to taco bell even though he didnt want to.

shoutouts to gas for us no longer needing 30$ worth of you to get to syracuse and back.

shoutouts to Eiji, I hope he gets sponsored by EG.

shoutouts for twk? for what I see as throwing his match to me.

shoutouts to this region for being run by white boys.

shoutouts to captain america, he actually didnt embarrass himself in this game for once.

shoutouts to rochester for not having 5 good marvel players that can show up to a tournament anymore.

Shoutouts to VF5. I feel like im a lot better than I should be in that game. 1 2 3 HO YEEEAAAAA

callouts to all you scrubs that dont play skullgirls. its all good though, after that patch drops, the game will be wayyyy better.

Gotta say a thank you to damus for throwing another good tournament for us Upstaters. Good shit man.

Shoutouts for playing Polish round 2 lol Wtf man didnt wanna play you in Marvel so early. But good shit. was a close set.

Fucking last game, last set, last round in the SCV GFs. Wow . . . . . . . was just not my day. But good games LordSavior.

Shout outs for me not being there to take all your money playing teams I don’t play in a game I don’t play. Sorry I couldn’t be there to make that 5-5 so one sided it would have hurt. Shout outs to me being a random asshole to troll people on SRK. In all seriousness though, I’m dropping, Zero, Vergil, Rocket, Shuma, Taskmaster, Doom, Wesker, Haggar, Arthur, Strider, Spencer, Ammy, AND Frank West. My new team is now Magneto, Dante, Sentinel. Because I sir want people to finally expose me for being terrible at this game and the only way for that to happen is to pick two technical characters that there is no way I can possibly learn without taking the game remotely seriously, and a garbage 3rd so I have no chance of ever X-factor 3ing my way to victory.

BTW I’d like to put a bounty on my head. As of Tag 2’s release if you are from Upstate New York and not from CNY and you can beat me in tournament. I’ll give you $50. That includes, Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, Watertown, Utica, Auburn, Binghamton, whatever. Only places excluded are of course Syracuse, Cortland, and Ithaca.

WTH is wrong with me you ask? Look at the time of this post. I can’t freakin sleep.