Durham,N.C Gamefrog Lock-in Party April 30,2010"Cage Fight 6" Time to get Supered!

Gamefrog presents…
a SaiSyu Production…

NorthGate Mall
1058 W.Club Blvd.
Space 832
Durham,N.C 27701

# 919-286-0200

Start Time: 10:00 P:M Friday till 10:00 A:M Sat
"Cage Fight 6"

 Reg: $20

Round Robin-Ranbat tournaments plus prizes. [Tournaments(*)]

Super Street Fighter IV ()
The King of Fighters XII(
Tekken 6(}
Samurai Sprits Sen
Blaze Blue:Continuum Shift
Street Fighter II’ X: HD-REMIX (
Virtual Fighter 5 (*}

Pizza, and Drinks all night!!! Leady…GO!!!

what systems are the games gonna be on? :o

It’s on the day of the kentucky derby but luckily it’s after the race so i’ll see what kind of funds I have and then see if I can go.

Mostly PS3, but we will have x-boxs ready as well.

ooh how many people are usually at the lock in’s?

Count me in.

I got work the next day so i’m out. While i’m somewhat disappointed in not being able to come to the lock in at the same time it’s kinda like makin dat money is important too so that way I can get a fighting game stick for ps3.


Get that money we will have another one.

Lock-in has been pushed to friday, sorry for the change.

I’ll prob come out Ed, you got my reg fee for that gas right?

I think I might go to this I need some time on SSFIV and I don’t want to have to wait in a line for a long time every time I want to play :/.

I sure do. No problem brotha.

I’ll prolly be there too. Lockin FTW

see yall there… time to oil up !

After the lock in, take the short drive up to Richmond for the MAYDAY tournament for SSFIV.


Say Word!!! You got yourself a new clark hun? LOL!!! How have you been?

Family in the house!!!

Sounds like a plan! Leady…Go!!!

if I go, what’s the best place to park? i’m not too familiar w/ NorthGate…

It will be on the Macy’s side of the mall and Gamefrog is outside on the strip stores next to the movie theater. If you find that you are one the side by Sears then you are on the wrong side.

Locki-in time, bring your S game tommorow night!!!


Awesome Lock-In!!! Thank you to everbody that came out!!!