Durability/Longevity between Sanwa/Seimitsu parts?

I know the majority of this debate always ends in “user preference” and im not asking about how good one is over the other or which one has a better feel, i just wanted to know if anyone has ever done any stress testing between the two to see which parts actually last longer? Different types of materials offer different qualities and since i dont know much about these items, i figure one may have a statistical advantage in materials or design for withstanding the test of time more than that other.

No scientific lab testing I know of per say but I toss in my own experiences into the debate


With the exception of the OBS line of Sanwa Buttons that uses similar micro-switches to Happ and IL buttons
And some of the more larger buttons that are use for Pop n’Music , mahjong or Slot/Packino Machines

The 2 main lines of Seimtsu and Sanwa have very similar products life.
Sanwa microswitches are activated with a lighter touch than Seimtsu buttons. But people who play on Seimtsu buttons tend to be rougher or hit the buttons harder due to this. My opinion the 2 brands are on par with each other for Durability/Longevity.

If you want a long lasting arcade button consider the Sanwa OSB - 24 or OSB - 30 buttons or at least there OSB-M-1 Microswitch assembly.

Hands down the Sanwa JWL last longer than the JLF, although the JLF has more modding options.
Now when it comes to Seimtsu, I want to say the LS-40, 55, 56 last longer than the LS-32, 33
My Money is on the LS-55,56 over the 40 for sustainability. This is my opinion over any fact in this regard, as I still find older arcade sticks with still very functional LS-55,56 joysticks
The Seimtsu LSX-57, LS-64 and the Sanwa JFJ are in a league of there own as they are both vastly different sticks.
So it boils down to the JLW and the LS-55, 56.

The JLW was built with inspiration drawn from American/ European style parts with out sacrificing the precision Japanese parts are known for.
The JLW are also used as a likely replacement for more clumsy Happ Competition joysticks in arcade cabinets.
The JLW is also know for taking Bat tops and 45 mm ball tops with out spring mods to stiffen the joystick.
I can’t say I can say the same for the LS-55 and LS-56 which are built for smaller ball tops.

Good info. What does the TE fightstick come with in regards to buttons and stick? the only buttons i found on lizardlick.com were OBSC and OBSF. not sure how those rank in the scale? or if i should look to another source for those in specific?

Sanwa the exact same as the you saw at Lizard lick you figure these buttons were designed to be punished in a arcade by thousands of grubby paws so they will last a long long time
the stick is a jlf all the same

Can you verify these statement somewhere?
from what I’ve read it was designed for wood and nothing to with happ

Yeah i just didnt know if maybe there was a “lower end” line that were being used in the TE sticks, or sold online. Just like any company im sure they have an economy grade lol but if possible, id like to load mine up with top of the line stuff, or at least something mid level.

nope no low end they have tougher switches but they need more depth for the install than a TE there just meant to last longer in a real arcade setup like your life longer

All you need to know is that they should last you long enough.

i should certainly hope so lol the main reason im interested in the ultimate longevity is because im thinking about buying some used off this site if i can. never know how long people use their stuff for or how punishing they are with it, so its nice to know before hand if there are better models to consider when buying a product thats potentially seen some wear and tear already.

I compared the 2 that way because the physical abuse I actually put a JWL though and user reports on the J-Stick which is Ultriac’s/ Mame community’s re-branding on the JWL as a alternative to the usual Happ, IL and Suzo sticks. Also it is the number 1 Stick used to replace Happs Completion sticks in controllers (like the PDP MK Stick) and in actual arcade cabs.

I done things to a JWL that a JLF or even most Semitsu sticks should not survive. This includes Epoxy on heavy flights handle grips (from the NES Quick Shot) on to Two JWL shafts, installing both into a stick, and abusing that stick to where most Hori and Mad Catz sticks should be in shattered pieces. Worst damage that came out was a minor stress crack in the gate of one of the sticks. Stupid easy to fix.

There is no lower end Line to Sanwa or Seimtsu stick.
Sanwa does make heavier end stuff like the OBS I mentioned, and the OBS - M - 1 micro switches are compatible with all push buttons that are compatible with regular Sanwa switches. The OBS microswitch gives almost Happ level durability with out the sacrifice in performance and precision as the plunger is directly situated over the actuator of the micro switch. There is already a thread on the OBS micro switch assembly and how to modify it to accept other microswitches like the cherry MS.

you can always replace the microswitches focus attack has them for around $1.50

not what I was asking but okay I know both sticks I was talking about the statement "built with inspiration drawn from American/ European style parts"
I just dont like it when people put out opinion as fact its a pet peeve. but you may have a good source

I just based what I say from experience, I am sure others would disagree as people have different experiences with their hardware.

I started a Game hardware stress and abuse test thread
its not all fact or even have a scientific basis
its just a listing mine and other peoples results with abused hardware.

The only item on that thread that follows a well documented and scientific format was the “How tough a NES game” is Video.