Duncan James Tonnigsen and his new hat. UPDATE VIDEO

For all the world to see. [media=youtube]jtwdNxRpnkU"[/media]

Oh NAA NAA what’s his name?

His name is Duncan James Tonningsen and on the evening of January 8th, 2010 at the Tofu-Dojo in Shoreline WA, a very special thing happened.

After the AFK Tavern tournament/ending debacle, we sought out a new venture on the last few days of SloppyD’s stay in WA. It all starts with in the first round of the Tofu-dojo tournament where I had to play the MHC killer aka Shredder aka CookieCutter a third time in tournament (the other two me sending him to losers and then sending him out of losers). I start with Dudley, and I lose, Duncan gets loud. I follow that up with Fei, and amist a screaming Duncan already going crazy I lose again. The crowd went crazy and the entire time Duncan after many pitches of Beer at the AFK tavern was getitng into the mode. I later on avenge myself against CookieCutter and win the whole goddamn thing, but thats a story for another time.

We now have set the stage for very little in Duncan’s wayy from reaching winners finals and the same to Riki-Oh. Before running winners finals people had decided to let the losers bracket catch-up and during this time some serious smack talk was under way between Riki and Duncan. It gets to the point where as per usual Riki was feelin himself and he was cutting through competition on his side of the bracket. It gets to the point of Duncan saying if he wins all 3 matches in straight rounds he’ll get Riki’s hat and his girlfriend. Riki’s hat wearing habit is almost key to his identity. He wears them everywhere and his hat of choice is either his beanies or his Bruno Mars hat which is coveted by me for a later hat match. Riki quickly agrees to said bet (his hubris) and we have winners finals under way.

The first match started with Riki picking Adon and Duncan was using Rufus. Riki kept it serious but Duncan had his feeble heart set on that hat. He takes match one decisively without dropping a round yet. Match two comes along and Riki makes the wise decision to pick Bison, a very good char against Rufus. Again Riki kept it somewhat competative but Duncan was actually playing not horribly and was on point with ex Snake Striking and his dive kick pressure to kill Riki’s charge. Duncan sweeps 2 more rounds. Duncan is so close he can taste it. 2 more rounds and he’ll have a fancy new hat and girlfriend. Riki runs it back with Bison and is just overwhelmed by Duncan and with a primal high pitched scream to proabably wake the neighbors Duncan takes all 6 rounds of winners finals straight. He claims his hat prize and wears it around triumphantly for all the world to see.

As Riki walks back, dejected and beaten, Duncan’s other prize says to Riki

“Hey babe, you can wear my hat if you want to”.

Duncan’s stay in WA now over he ends it on the highlight of his life so far. In his own words it was better than sex.

Damnit, I missed this all because of work?! I need to get my priorities straight.

Still can’t believe it. Weird night. But good times.


rofl damn


Truly a legendary tale, that for a passing moment this morning, I wondered if it even happened. All questions were answered however, as I walked to the bathroom and in the mirror was a new sight. Yes, there was still a classically handsome man looking back at me, but atop his head…

was a posh hat…

The thrill of aquiring signature clothing pieces is exhilerating. One day I will have an outfit fashioned out of all NW players signature pieces, granting me incomprehensible power, likened to that of another Duncan (the Highlander) when he defeats fellow immortals and undergoes the quickening. :woot:

Oh and whoever recorded that match should post it here…there is a lot of hype screaming, everyone loves hype screaming!

does that hat even fit you?

He made it work

props to carlos on the story telling, moving up that storyteller tier list

nominated HAHAHAHHA

Yeah, please nominate so this can get on the frontpage once the videos are uploaded. This needs to be seen for all the world to see.

Is Mor pissed or what


Justin.tv - teamkhaos -

Youtube video up cut down to just the match and post jubilation.


“It was better than sex”

I’d like to think I helped out since you spent a good amount of time wailing on my bison with your Rufus and Ambien-Seth. I miss playing PSN with ya’ man, glad you had a good time back up here in WA.

Duncan may be one of my favorite people now.

Edit: Not because I like to see E-man lose, but because he’s goofy as hell and maintains ridiculously high levels game play for his demeanor.

Wow, I’m glad I brought my camera for us to record this epic moment in nw gaming history. Thanks to Slash5150 for streaming the footage at the Team Khaos, Epic Gaming event for your enjoyment. Thanks to Greg, the host of the TofuDojo for the advice to record the match. Before this recording it was mostly trolling garbage I will probably delete after review. I’ll be posting the winners finals without mine and Dustins on the spot commentary from the stream, Losers finals and Grand finals, which if you want to stick with the Ducan=Godlike figure mantra you don’t want to watch… I think he lost his mojo after that match, or maybe under extended time with eman’s cursed hats you can’t get 1st place in a tourney.


seconded! ROFL