Dumb question

How do you consistently get Elena’s Kara-throw? It’s funny, I can get every other character’s kara-throw consistently except for Elena and Chun.


Could it be related at all to cancellable frames?


This is not the same towards MK, but an example on weird frame nonsense.

Chun crMK weirdness # + not during these + # of frames after that part now you can again.

2 yes, 3 no, 8 yes? or something weird.

Strange startup on this one, feels unnatural to do. You feel like you should do it later for the forward movement, but in fact you should do it earlier right?

What’s really needed is some guides on reading hitbox data, ESN site, there with beyond blue red hitboxes. I’ve never seen much of a comprehensive guide on the finer details, or different colors past active red hitbox, throwable blue, hittable green? Mike Z did the in game training mode one with Skullgirls… anybody make a guide on that when they’re not playing the piano for combos?

Sorry, more questions than answers.
My pad setup is unlike anybody else I met, I don’t get Kara throw out at any modicum of success but Alex maybe. Elena here too sometimes, or it feels like I did from her silly throw. Akuma/Ryu ones, supposed to be easy, never get those.

Any tips and explaining how you get kara throws with the other characters will be helpful.

Nothing special about doing it besides practicing it. It’s like Akumas fwd. strong kara throw but using forward instead of strong. If you’re using a pad just use your thumb to hit the jab,short and forward at roughly the same time but let the bendy part of your thumb hit the forward slightly before the rest of your thumb hits jab & short. It’s really not that different from doing any other characters kara.

What do you think is not clear? I thought names of the different hitboxes were sufficiently explicit, so i never made a “guide”, beside the quick help window on the hitboxDisplay page (the “?” button).

Afaik, there’s no difference of timing for any kara, it has to be at the first frame, except maybe Makoto st.LK (or f.lk?).
But it can be tricky to be comfortable/precise enough with finger position when you’re used to another one.
I can kara f.mp (Q/Gouki) 95% of the time (offline) but i only have around 50% for Chun far MK. Odd enough, at one point, i had a better rate doing kara dragon than this.

Oh, and i have not a single clue of what you mean in the spoiler…

might be hitting buttons together slightly too simultaneous.
:confused: i really have no other idea.

Timing isn’t all that different from any other character’s. The only weird thing is that you’re using MK to karathrow so you’re probably not used to that.

This is why HRAP > Madcatz TE for 3S players.

Don’t worry about it, it was something you already answered.

In searching for this, I did find out what is a "purple hitbox."
Maybe I was confused by “white hitbox” before, which may not even be on your website. But is in Skullgirls.

HRAP is too good.

Soul Calibur V Hori is its successor, with the joystick spaced apart much better too. Not Viewlix but Namco Noir curve layout. Us pad players should stop and check that out… for PS3 Laggy Capcom Tourny anyway.

Chun’s cr.mk cancel properties, ok, got it lol!
What’s white hitbox on SG?


looks like invincible

Crouching and standing diff color. Complicated.

The concept of inv. hitbox is kinda obscure to me as it seems redundant with the absence of regular hit box.

Funny the difference of hitboxes design with 3s, seems nowadays, memory issue is far from being a problem…