Dumb Question...

How good do I need to be in order to stand a chance? Complete and total mastery of everything? Or do I stand a (small) chance as an above average player with good reflexes? I don’t expect to win a tournament, but I’d like a few matches anyway.

Basically, the question is, “What is the general skill level of the people competing?” Mostly very advanced? Or are people going to range all the way from God to scrub to newb?

Tron Jon

scrub to best in the world

you should break about even

it varies…all types of players are there…just a matter of who u get paired up against in your first few matches…hopefully not some japanese player. :frowning:

Never met a player I couldn’t beat… just players I couldn’t beat consistently. Hopefully, I’ll do well if I show up.

Tron Jon


good luck… and to everyone else as well.


Yeah. You’re gonna get owned.

But trying hard and beating as many players as you can is the important part. That’s what it’s really all about, for 90% of the players attending.

But yeah, you’re not gonna win any of the tournaments.

I hope everyone does good and I hope I do good too.

Good luck, but If I do get paired with Tron Jon, be ready to be pwned and owned.lol:lol:

Im seriously gonna be owned…hard…So good luck to me and screw u all!! :smiley: :wink:



no mattter how bad you are, as long as u know the game and got stratagy, u will win AT LEAST 1 match

and listen to what WHitedragon said, PRACTICE!

practice! practice! practice!!..and if your not practicing you should be practicing.